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-Says Boima Folley
Aspirant Boima Folley of the Movement of Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has described sport as a vital tool that can be used to unite and reconcile the entire country. According to him, sports bring people together in oneness to move the agenda of the country forward.

The MOVEE Representative aspirant within district #7 made the statement over the weekend during a special football match organized in his honor. He stated that at time when people are disappointed of issues, sports can be used to take away the tension. 
Aspirant Folley said he has undertaking many development projects within the district. According to him, many youths within the district have benefited from his scholarship program within the district.

Folley disclosed that currently he and his team are undertaking some projects within the PHP community. The representative aspirant stated that current on his agenda include education, health and sports, all of which are vital for the citizens to have access. Folley also added that when citizens have to quality and sound education, they can contribute to the country`s rebuilding process.

He further asserted that he is not coming into the race to enrich himself rather to work accomplish any aim. The representative aspirant emphasized that when elected to the position key on his mind would be the people’s interest above personal greed.

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