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My fellow Liberians:

At home and abroad, there are growing concerns about the possible employment of designs to delay the timely conclusion of the 2017 Presidential Elections. A delay in the conclusion of these elections within the timeframe envisaged by the Constitution has the unfortunate effect of spinning the nation out of constitutional orbit, and thereby ushering us outside the security of the Constitution. The mere possibility of risking ourselves outside the guaranteed protection of the Constitution ought to command our collective rebuke and loud condemnation insofar as it seeks to undermine our peace and democracy.

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has seized a consignment of 2kilograms of heroin brought into the country on an Arik Flight from Nigeria. The bag containing the heroin was sent to Achebe Joseph Uwadioma (AKA, Don Joe), a Nigerian national who operates a business at Waterside and Mechlin Street.

-Says Country Held Hostage

A civil society organization, Patriotic Alliance of Liberia (PAL) said it is deeply worried over the delay in the run-off election as this would lead the country to constitutional crisis that is in sight.

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