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The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) wants the incoming government of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) concentrate on prosecuting officials of government accused of causing financial and economic crimes against the state.

Addressing a news conference Wednesday, head of IRRED, Harold Aidoo, drew the new government’s attention “to these issues because IREDD believes strongly that these issues must be given serious considerations. “

Aidoo indicated the expectations of the Liberian people, particularly young people are very high in terms of jobs and wealth creations, something they believe was lacking during the reign of Unity Party.

Aidoo said, “As your government prepares to take over after January 22, 2018, The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) wish to draw your attention to number of key policies issues that we strongly believe must be given utmost consideration.”

 “Do not allow officials of government who have caused serious financial lost and perpetuated economic crimes against the states to go with impunity.”

He indicated that IREDD wants the CDC led George Weah’s government to demonstrate commitment and seriousness in the fight against corruption by setting up a fast track economic crimes court to trial would be corrupt government officials and all others who according to him have embezzled states funds.

Though he fell short naming any of those concerned, he said “there are reports with anti-graft institution that point to the matter.”

The local pro-democracy group also said it would track the first hundred (100) days deliverables of the new government and make its finds to the Liberian people in due course.

At the same time, IREDD also criticized President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s decision to recall members of teh53rd legislature in order to pass some Bills she believes are vital to growth of the country’s economy.

“IREDD wishes to draw attention to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf communication recalling members of the 53rd legislature back to work and take actions on what it believes are of vital importance to the economic. We unequivocally wish to state that this move is hasty by the President,” Aidoo noted.

IRRED said it did not believe members of that august body would properly review these pieces of legislation for passage, given that they did not have ample time to do so.

The body called on members of the Liberian Senate and House of Representatives to elect leaders with integrity, fortitude, strong character.

IREDD also made reference to someone who  can make independent judgment and stands up for the rights of the ordinary Liberian people.

The body congratulated President- elect, George Weah, vice President elect, Jewel Howard Taylor and all Representatives elect in the just ended presidential and Representatives elections in the country.

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