Special Awards In Pictures

-Honors Two Veterans

In association with Entertainment Consultants and Producers, the Project Kind-Kids Shoes has celebrated its 10th anniversary in Sacramento, California in the United States of America, Produced and directed by Elder Paul Cheatham II (aka) Chief, Nana- Zawanah, Kruman, West Africa and Paul Cheatham III, Uhuru (Freedom), the organization is exerting all effort to ensure delivery of shoes for school going kids and poor children in areas of need.

Performing the ceremony on December 3, 2017 at Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater in Yountville, CA Two distinct individuals honored were Susan Kay, Kiwanis Club, Yountville, CA and Gwen Robinson, Volunteer Service, California Veterans Home, Yountville, CA Project "KIKS" Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable and humanitarian mission for children and youth. Founded on July 1, 2007 at the California Veterans Home at Yountville, under the auspices of US Army Colonel Richard Hum, US Navy Captain Mary Rita Umpheries, and American Veterans (AMVETS) Post 101, the group`s mission is "to shoe the children without shoes on their feet."

For the past ten years, Project KIKS has procured and delivered new athletic shoes to kids residing in Napa Valley and Solano Counties, CA, Sacramento, CA, New Orleans (7th & 9th Wards), LA , Johannesburg (Soweto), South Africa, Monrovia, Liberia, Accra, Ghana, and in Havana, Cuba in September, 2017)

“Also, alongside our partner Souls 4 Soles and students at Vintage High School Napa, CA, our shoes have been hand carried to kids living in Haiti and Guatemala.”  Project "KIKS" volunteer team ten years of service include Ron “Dr. Love" Carson, Horencia "Tessy" Melendez, Toby Tayeh, Chief Sekou S. Dukuly of Liberia, Dr, Philip Schember, Chiropractic Katherine Lauthenbach, Philip Kelly Denslow, Patrick Mallory and Ron Lee
According to the leadership of the PKIKS, donations will be used to procure and deliver new athletic shoes to children and youth residing within Napa Valley and Solano Counties, solely.
“As charity begins at home, and the group would forever remain strong in Napa Valley, those, most adversely affected by the Napa Valley and Atlas Fires. Many are without homes, some living in hotels and motels and some afraid to reveal themselves.”
The group appreciated the Solano Community Foundation and Kiwanis Club Yountville for the donations which enabled Project KIKS to deliver shoes to three schools in Napa Valley, (94558), during the month of November 2017.
All donations are tax deductible. Project "KIKS" Charitable Fund, is a component fund of the Solano Community Foundation.
During the occasion, the group gave a special recognition to Elder Paul Cheatham II, Army Community Service Officer (Ret.) US Army Europe/NATO, founder of Project Kind Initiative Kids Shoes, Project "KIKS" Inc.
The project is dedicated to the loving memory of Paul Cheatham Sr. Lillie B. Cheatham, Fay Cheatham and Kathleen Kelly Denslow.
He used the occasion also to recognize Kind and In-Kind donors including Veterans Home of California Yountville, American Veterans (AMVETS) CA, Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater, California State University Maritime Academy, Town of Yountville, the Kiwanis Club of Yountville, Solano Community Foundation, the Yountville Chamber of Commerce (Volunteers), the Fay Cheatham Family Foundation, especially Delores Cheatham-K.

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