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-To Ongoing Due Process Of Law

The Joint Peace Mediation Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the ongoing due process of the law regarding the outcome of the October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections.

The Joint Mediation Group is made of traditional leaders, religious leaders and peace advocacy organizations. The Group believes justice is a key driver for peace, but however said any adjudication of grievances must be based on the truth.

The Group maintains that it is only mediating with parties involved in the electoral impasse and not interfering as it is being perceived in some quarters. These clarifications were contained in series of statements delivered by some of the group members at a ‘Peace Mediation Hour’ organized by the Technical Committee of the Joint Peace Mediation Group at the Monrovia City Hall over the weekend.
Speaking at the program, the Head of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia Chief Zanzar Kawor said Liberians must respect themselves and traditional leaders.
According to him, “Liberian people hard to listen to the elders, and when the rain come down we want find shelter. Liberians, the religious and traditional people are calling on us to respect ourselves.”
“If all of us come together like when you are building house with the cement, sand and water all moving in one direction, the peace we are looking for will hold like concrete. But if you don’t listen, when the thing comes it will affect everyone,” Chief Kawor added.
The Traditional Chief further stated “Let’s put the house in order so we can have a peaceful transition and avoid bringing bad luck on Liberia.” His remarks followed up on his recent press conference in which he called for mediation with parties involved in the current electoral stalemate.
Chief Kawor then called on the Liberian media to be responsible in their reporting of the ongoing situation because anything they write or say could influence the society either positively or negatively.
The National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia is a leading partner on the group which also comprises key inter-religious leaders and peace actors in Liberia.
Another key member of the Peace Mediation Group Rev. Dr. Jasper Ndaborlor of the National Christian Council said their involvement into the case is only to mediate and not to interfere as it is being perceived by others noting that “it is unbelievable that some Liberians who wish to see Liberia go back to war will consider mediation as interference”.
The Joint Peace Mediation Group said while the ongoing process is healthy for Liberia’s emerging democracy, it is equally important for parties involve to think about the consequences the delay in the transition may cause the peace process in the country.
The Group wants parties to the ongoing electoral dispute to also exercise a strong degree of honesty and truth-telling to allow a satisfactory completion of the case so that the Presidential run-off election can go ahead.
It wants the court to rule on the cases expeditiously to allow the truth to prevail and the right thing be done. At the occasion, the Chief Iman of the National Muslim Council of Liberia Alieu Krayee called on Liberians to always pray for the National Elections Commission because “we have constitutional time limit and no one wants constitutional crisis”.
Iman Krayee said Liberia has suffered some painstaking moments in the past because the truth is often sacrificed. “When people decide that truth should be sacrificed for one interest, there can be no peace no matter how much we pray without justice. The foundation for peace in this country should be transparent and credible election.” Iman Krayee added.
For his part, Liberia’s Peace Ambassador Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert III said peace is transparency, good governance and accountability.
According to him, “Peace begins with all of us and we must maintain the peace.”
Also speaking at the program, Veteran Liberian Civil Society Activist Madam Ruth Caesar said it’s about time Liberians especially the women hold together and push for peace.
She pledged her willingness to work with any initiative that will enhance the peace process in Liberia.
Liberia’s Culture Ambassador and Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Madam Juli Endee stressed that the ongoing mediation efforts will continue until there is an amicable resolution to the current political stalemate.
She wants Liberians to embrace the culture of peace noting that “peace is what you are, what you say and what you do”.
Liberia is currently at a cross road and this independent and non-political group is seeking an expeditious resolution of the electoral crisis to allow a smooth transition of power from one democratically elected government to another for the first time in more than 70 years in Liberia.

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