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The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) has appealed for calm in the growing electoral tension for the sake of national peace and progress in the country.

AEL which is Liberia’s largest network of Churches and para- church organizations of evangelical persuasion observes that the ongoing electoral tension in and out of the courtroom threatens national peace and development, thereby causing the citizens to live in fear.

AEL therefore appeals to all parties involved for calm and called also on all political parties and independent candidates to caution their supporters and sympathizers to be civil, peaceful and refrain from making inciting statements and trading of tenuous allegations in the public.

AEL says it welcomes the various court protests in keeping with the rule of laws, but abhors what threatens national peace and progress or detracts the gains the nation has made so far.

According to AEL’s Advocacy & Communications Officer, D.Sonpon Weah II, the 2017 national elections gives Liberians the opportunity to exercise their civil and democratic rights as well as test Liberia’s democracy to witness the transition from one elected government to another which development is rare and uncommon to Liberia.

A Statement signed by the president of the AEL Board of Governance, Dr. Samuel K. Monwell, said AEL believes that these elections are crucial and should build on the gains made with the help of our partners in sustaining the peace and also opens investment opportunity that will better the lives of our people.
The statement says Liberia will only move forward base largely on how we, Liberians, conduct ourselves during this electoral era.
AEL therefore encourages the National Election Commission (NEC) to carefully, without any partiality, conduct the national elections in a free, fair and transparent manner in keeping with the national Election Laws.
AEL also calls on our international partners ,foreign and local observers to exhibit neutrality in the election process as their statements could help democracy or build tension and fear amongst electorates, but should rather support the general election process so as to lend credibility and confidence in the election.
At the same time, the Board of Governance of the Association of Liberia (AEL) has begun a major transformation aimed at making the faith based NGO more progressive and independence.
AEL is Liberia’s largest network of churches and para-church organizations of Evangelical persuasion in Liberia and was founded in the early 1960s.
The Board last Wednesday effected changes in the Secretariat by promoting AEL’s financial manger Rev.James Cooper Jr. to the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board’s General Secretary. He succeeds Rev. Isaac Wheigar who had left Monrovia for his family’s health matter in the United States of America.
AEL’s Chief Accountant madam Abigail Togba was equally appointed to the position of financial manager, effectively succeeding Rev. James Cooper Jr.
The President of the AEL’s Board of Governance, Dr. Samuel K. Monwell who officiated the Induction ceremonies of Rev. Cooper into office last Wednesday, further announced that all appointments take effect as of the induction ceremonies held Wednesday November 1, 2017 at the AEL’s Head office in Paynesville.
He expressed confidence in the ability of Rev. Cooper to deliver AEL to a nobly pinnacle. Dr. Monwell said the board needs a more progressive team that would champion sustainable development and reduce dependency syndrome and accountability. Dr. Monwell expressed regret that Rev. Wheigar has to be replaced now because of his prolonged absence from job which situation affected the smooth operations of AEL.
For his part, AEL’s new CEO and GS, Rev.James Cooper Jr. thanked the Board of Governance for his preferment and promised to justify the confidence reposed in him.
Rev. Cooper further promised to make sustainable development, semi-independence a reality, and move AEL’s Head office to its own building at the demise of his first three years in office.
The new CEO/GS further appealed to local and international partners, churches and Para-church institutions for supports and other assistance concerning sustainability and staff development.
Representatives of Tear fund UK and Mission Alliance, among other international NGOs and donors who graced the occasion, thanked AEL Board for opening a new chapter in line with the new millennium development goals. They also expressed confidence in AEL and pledged to collaborate with the new administration.
The National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church of Liberia, Rev. Pete F.Kollie who spoke on behalf of all representatives of churches, para-church institutions, local NGOs and Civil society Organizations at the induction program, lauded AEL for her progressive transformation.
Rev. Kollie, however, encourages AEL to strive for inter-dependency in place of semi-independency, as well as open all doors to partnership and collaboration for the betterment of all. He then pledged the support of CSOs, NGOs, Churches and para-church Institutions to

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