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Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is due in Liberia where he is expected to lead the National Democratic Institute’s International, NDI, Election Observation Mission to the Liberian Presidential run off polls holding on 7th November, 2017.

Ex-President Jonathan who was initially invited as co-lead of the NDI team for the October 10 Liberian elections could not honor the invitation because of his earlier commitment to attend the 15th Rhodes Forum in Greece, where he presented a paper on ‘Multipolarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global Developments’.

He had however promised to honour NDI’s second invitation to lead the Mission to the runoff polls, after none of the presidential candidates failed to win 50 percent of votes cast during the first ballot.

The National Democratic Institute is a United States based organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide, through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

NDI works with local partners in more than 70 countries to encourage community dialogues, observe elections, increase citizen participation, and improve the responsiveness of government.

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