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The Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) has called for the expeditious investigation and disposal of complaints from aggrieved political parties and candidates. The Commission urged the National Election Commission (NEC) to do this with impartiality and timeliness in accordance with the constitution and electoral laws save the credibility and integrity of the process. 

It also urges NEC to carefully consider the observations made by national and international observers concerning the lapses and discrepancies which characterized the October 10 poll.

“The consideration of these observations will serve as a mean of correcting the excesses of the first ballot,” INHRC says in a statement issued at the weekend.
“Particularly, the NEC should ensure that issues surrounding the final voter’s roll are addressed so as to avoid voters’ confusion among others. Equally so, the INCHR calls on the parties and their supporters to remain calm and operate within the framework of the law.”
However, the Commission congratulates Liberians for the conduct of the October 10 polls, saying “We believe that the commitment and resilience of all Liberians including the National Elections Commission (NEC), Political Parties, Independent Candidates and their supporters, security agents, media practitioners, religious and interest groups, government officials and community dwellers made the October 10 elections possible.”
“Also, it is noteworthy to mention the sacrifices implore by our international partners who contributed human and financial resources in ensuring we had a successful election.”
INCHR also called on all well-meaning Liberians and patriots and the international community not to relent as the elections is not yet over.
“Consequently, the run-off has been scheduled for November 7, 2017. To this end, we are calling on the two parties and all Liberians to ensure that the run-off is conducted in an atmosphere cautious of human rights, rule of law and peace. The INCHR remains engaged and calls on all actors to avoid the use of hate speech or derogatory comments,” INHRC noted.
“The peace that Liberia now enjoys is too precious a jewel to trash. As we proceed to the November 7 runoff, we should be reminded that Liberia’s interest is bigger than our individual or party’s interest. Therefore, we should all jealously protect the peace.”
Also, INCHR has condemned series of attacks against journalists and talk show hosts, and termed the arson attack and bullying against Mssr. Smith Toby and Henry P. Costa respectively as barbaric, ruthless and scaring.
It says, “The INCHR believes that these incidents also have the tendency to roll back the gains we have made thus far in upholding of press freedom, especially the Table Mountain Declaration to which the Government of Liberia is a party.”
It called on all those behind these attacks to immediately desist and call on all well-meaning Liberians as well as the two candidates heading into the runoff to condemn same. “The Liberia National Police (LNP) should also ensure speedy investigation into these incidents and make recommendations to indict and prosecute where possible,” it urged.
INCHR expressed concerns over the reappointment of government officials who resigned to contest the 2017 elections.
“The INCHR recognizes and respects the constitutional authority of the President to appoint but with the consent of the Senate. However, when an appointed official resigned, he or she loses the contractual privilege of a presidential appointment. Therefore, the Commission wants the President to ensure that all those reappointed without discrimination should face the senate for confirmation before beginning their respective duties,” the commission noted.
The Commission said it is concerned about speculations of alleged dismissals by the President on grounds of political support to particular political party or candidate.
It says, “We view such information as tantamount to gross infringement on the human rights of a person to freely associate and vote for the candidate of their choice without any form of threat, intimidation or coercion. Therefore, the INCHR is advising the government to stay clear from all infringements on the civil and political rights of its citizens during these elections.”

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