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Liberians exiled in Ghana have sent a congratulatory message to the political leaders and partisans of the Alternative National Congress for their achievments in the electoral process so far.

In a release issued in Monrovia, the Liberian delegation from the Liberian Buduburam Refugee settlement in Accra, Ghana currently in the country said it brings warmest greetings from 95% of Liberians in exile to all brothers and sisters here at home in the true spirit of togetherness, love, peace and national patriotism; with a congratulatory message to Mr. Alexander B. Cummings Jr. and partisans of the Alternative National Congress here at home and the world at large.

The delegation first and foremost gave praises to the Almighty God for a free and peaceful election to which Mr. Alexander B. Cummings Jr. and the ANC party achievements are very much surprising and amazing to the entire Liberian citizenry at home and the world over.
According to the head of the delegation and director general of the ANC Friends of Cummings Ghana Chapter J. Tony Sawyer, the performances of Mr. Alexander Cummings and the ANC party in the entire October 10, 2017 electoral process has been remarkable, incredible, marvelous and memorable to the honor and glory of the most-high God.
In addition, the delegation commended the entire ANC partisans for the high level of maturity exhibited before, during and after the elections with a job well done to which Mr. Sawyer and his team do hereby extend their sincere congratulation to Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the ANC on behalf of 95% of exiled Liberians at the refugee camp/settlement in Ghana.
Mr. Sawyer and team therefore called on Mr. Cummings and the ANC executives to depend on the Almighty God, the Friends of Cummings, well-wishers and sympathizers, foreign friends, the Liberian business community in Ghana, the USA and other parts of the world.
He made it clear that Liberians who are partisans of the ANC party have pledged their unending support and commitment to the presidential quest of Mr. Alexander Cummings comes 2023 if he (Cummings) choses to contest. The delegation through its head Mr. J. Tony Sawyer has at the same time appealed to the ANC political leader not to accept any governmental position in or out of the country in the pending government, but to remain neutral and stay in the country focusing on the promotion of his vision and humanitarian programs across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia.
The delegations do hereby express thanks and appreciation to Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings Jr. for his concern and care towards the welfare and well-being of his Liberian fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children and also for the wonderful humanitarian treatment he has given to Liberian citizens in Ghana for the past 27 years.
Furthermore, the group through Mr. Sawyer, who is also the president of the Ghana-based Liberian Social Welfare and Relief Organization petitioned the ANC standard bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings to accept the October 10, 2017 election results and move forward with the continuation of the programs and projects he has already started in the interest of the Liberian youth and students, street boys and girls, market men and women, and the country at large.
On the issue of the wide rumors and speculations that Mr. Cummings will soon leave the country for the USA because he (Cummings) did not win the 2017 presidency; Mr. Sawyer categorically classified the rumors and speculation untrue, misleading, unfriendly, unfounded, willfully malicious and wicked lies in an effort to discourage and dishearten partisans, well-wishers and sympathizers of the ANC at home and in exile around the world.
The delegation therefore urge and challenge Mr. Cummings to be more courageous, vigorous, vigilant and forceful than ever before with strong determination and focus with a sound mind and heart in fostering his vision and the “Liberia First Agenda”.
Finally, the delegation humbly petition Mr. Cummings not to forget his stranded brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and children at the Liberian refugee camp in Ghana who are willing and ready to return home permanently and at the same time get fully involve in the implementation and execution of the ANC party nation building and national reconstruction vision of a new Liberia for all.
In conclusion, the group maintained in the release, the delegation on behalf of the 95% of the exiled Liberian citizens in Ghana re-awakened and re-strengthened their declaration of commitment of loyalty, honesty, sincerity and solidarity to Mr. Alexander B. Cummings Jr. and the ANC party and at the same time faithfully declare their pledge to be law-abiding and to conform themselves to the ethics, rules, and regulations of the constitutions of the ANC party and that of the Republic of Liberia.

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