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Monrovia, October 10-Liberian vice president and presidential candidate of the ruling Unity Party, Joseph Boakai told reporters after voting that he would accept Tuesday’s elections outcome if it were transparent.

2017 Boakai Elections3x2“I will accept any result that is transparent, credible, free and fair.” Dressed in a white African shirt with brown shoes and a brown trousers, he voted near his residence.

He also said that he was happy to see good turn out. The turn out in Tuesday’s elections was encouraging all over the country, according to various reports monitored on state radio.

“I feel good that I see the lines are jammed pack. I think that Liberians are ready to decide who their next leaders are.” Unhappy with his Team.

Boakai was unhappy with his team after he was taken to three different rooms to vote. He was taken to classroom six and later room four and finally room three where his name was finally seen on the sheet. As we went to room three to vote, some voters remarked: “you have three voting cards? We told you that this papay is old. Still you want him to vote,” the person who made the remarks was not seen as security looked around.

First plan:
Boakai said his first plan would be to commend voters and start to work. “My first plan will be to thank the Liberians and to show them that this is time for real business. We are not going to be a donor driven country, Liberians themselves are going to build this country,” he said.
Then he came with this: “I'm not looking forward to second round. Like Liberians are going to vote first round so that we can get straight into business.”

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