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Reports reaching this paper speak of a calculated attempt by sworn enemies of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to undermine her 12 years legacy here.

Already, foreign media organizations such as the Global Afrique are reporting about a possible plot by Mrs. Sirleaf to plunge next Tuesday’s elections into total chaos.

There are speculations here that Unity Party Chairman Emeritus, now Senator Varney Sherman already known to be on a war path with Mrs. Sirleaf could be energizing other sworn enemies to destroy her legacy. Calls to seek comments from the Senator have proven futile. It could be recalled that upon his return from the United States where he underwent brain surgery, Sherman’s address to journalists here reveals deep routed hatred for Mrs. Sirleaf and critics believe he could be a possible ally to anyone trying to damage the president’s image both home and abroad.

Sherman has not hidden his resentment against Madam Sirleaf, blaming her for the ongoing bribery scandal involving British Sable Mining, a U.K. based mineral company.

Several past and present government officials, including Senator Sherman and former House Speaker Alex Tyler are among those standing trial for some US950,000, to allegedly alter the country’s mining law in favor of Sable, according to a Global Witness report issued in May, 2016.

President Sirleaf constituted a taskforce to investigate the Global Witness report following international pressure. The Taskforce headed by Cllr. Fonati Koffa indicted Cllr. Sherman and others for alleged bribery.
Reports say while in the United States, Cllr. Sherman met with the Global Afrique to enlist them in an effort to launch a smear campaign against president Sirleaf and discredit the Global Witness report.
Critics say the recent report in the Global Afrique in which it alleged plot by president Sirleaf to undermine the credibility of next Tuesday’s polls tend to give credence to such speculations.

Global Afrique has hired a local journalist who is impersonating as having a mandate from some U.S. Congressional officials to investigate the Global Witness report.
The reporter who claimed to have a letter or resolution to the effect failed to produce same when asked. It was later discovered that the said reporter had met Cllr. Sherman here in Monrovia to design a strategy to feed a slanted narrative to Global Afrique that can be passed on as international investigation.
But it doesn’t end there. Another group calling itself OCCRP, has embarked upon another purported investigation linking Madam Sirleaf and her immediate family members including certain close friends of the president to revive previously debunked allegations concerning the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).
The group, sources say planned to falsify claims regarding unknown high level connections within the government concerning the use of private permit.
Sources told this paper that President Sirleaf, based on the advice of her lawyers has declined to answer a list of questions posed to her.
A source hinted that the African Editor of OCCRP email account, which appears to have been dormant, only began active recently-thanks to a hefty contribution from the Sherman cabal.
The likes of Musa Bility of the Liberty Party was recently attack by the same Sherman group linking him to an international fraud for which an international arrest warrant was issued.
The alleged case involving Bility had to do with some Nigerian businessman who had complained to a court in Lagos-all fake news. Bility is a former executive of the ruling establishment abandoned the party in its tracks for a third term and this may have prompted Sherman and his people going after him.
The learned Cllr. Sherman is everywhere blaming Madam Sirleaf for his woes, much to the delight of the Boakai campaign.
Sherman it is alleged has vowed on a Boakai campaign trail to use his future role within a Boakai administration to launch his revenge against Madam Sirleaf for being put on trial in the Global Witness case.
With an already known division within the Unity Party and its campaign related politics, some are wondering whether Sherman’s roar against the president is as a result of the new Headquarter gift to the party.
Sherman bitterness against president Sirleaf and his frolics has caused a strain between Madam Sirleaf and the Unity Party. Sources say, VP Boakai recently told him to “shut up”.
Some of Baokai supporters who are sympathetic to President Sirleaf blamed the party’s current chairman Wilmot Paye, who is a Sherman puppet for leading the anti-Ellen campaign within the party.
Paye, its alleged has been on a US5000 per month payroll from Sherman personally during his time as UP Secretary and his ascension as chairman.
Sherman is no stranger to controversial activities. It is told that during the Civil War here, he advised American courts not to honor judgment from local courts here saying that the judicial system here was so corrupt.
Cllr. Sherman was also involve with the Bong Mines workers cutback funds, linked to the sale of diplomatic passport by a Danish journalist and now exposed by Global Witness for allegedly bribing government officials.

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