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Dear Great Ones:
Your beloved nation founded with your sweat and blood is on the axle of war simply because a group of its citizens want to have complete ownership over it affairs. Your people – your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers – who are yet to join you, are unaware of what tomorrow will be.

Thank you for the time and it is our pleasure to welcome all of you. We stopped communication far before we went to the poll on October 10 to elect a new president. The process was hectic because the NEC people did not do what they were supposed to do to make the process smooth and problems free. Whatever the case was, Liberians bore the brunt to give their country a standard of emulation in the international community.
But if you are not aware till now, all is not well because some parties are complaining that the process – the election - was not properly handled, that bad things happened. Because of that, they want the country to do another round of election. We are sure it will sound very scaring to you. This is your people, those some of supported in many ways before death came your way. The legal people are looking at the issue as we speak, but it is good to inform you that these are parties that did not do well at all but trying to buy public sympathy.
Some of you may be aware that when you are beaten by a child plenty times, the shame can be too great to handle. So, some people went into the elections with big mouth that they will win, that God says they are the next government, but that did not happen in reality. So, they want to stand behind something to fight, to impress on the minds of voters that they were cheated, and that is why they votes did not reach anywhere to be in the second round of the elections.
Great ones, you will agree with us that they are trying to practicalize the “crab mentality” which Liberians are noted for. That is pulling others’ down while they are fighting to go up simply because they are not in the position to go up again. It is confusing when parties that failed to impress are complaining about a situation that reportedly affected all the voters.
Well, Great ones, we don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of this issue so we are not seen as being biased, but it is a shame for our country that this “power business” is still too strong among the politicians, those pretenders and sycophants that keep dragging this tiny country backward.
Their plan in all of this is an interim government aimed at trampling upon the right of a group of Liberians whom they continue to vilify and classify as “uneducated, bellicose in nature, and untested leadership skills.” You have seen why this country has been lingering in despair and development neglect, while the individuals are getting richer than it is. Shame on them for craving an interim government because of hate for another Liberian!
Some of them have been in power for twelve years; yet they still want to hold onto power not because they have a good agenda to transform it (country) but to perpetuate corruption, neglect and tribalism. For your information, some of them are going around preaching hate messages, misinforming Liberians that war is inevitable if the “so-called right people are not elected.” Perhaps they forget to know that “their right person” is another evil.
But this is where we are as citizens wanting to kiss neglect, corruption, poverty, under-development, deceit and lies and total disrespect of the organic laws of the country, where a particular law is only good for a particular group of people and is against another group of people.
Great one, thank you for giving us your attention once more as we share with you some of the bitter happenings after the election on October 10. We are sure this information will shock some of you whose blood was shared for the good of this country. Please rest assured that Liberians stand together to cross the red sea of hate, poverty and of corruption.
Until we come your way, be blessed.

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