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Dear Great Ones In the Great Beyond:
Humbled we are to come your way in these troubling times of electioneering activities for a new president and new members of the House of Representatives, to replace in few months’ time those who grossly mismanaged the confidence and trust of the people over the last 12 years, seeking their personal welfare and giving rise to so many ugly things.

Today, your people are on the verge of going to the polls six years after they performed similar duties and elected someone who is leaving office with greater burdens for citizens than she met the country. Great ones, it will surprise you that a government that took over the leader with a good price control system is leaving office with ratcheted and uncontrolled price structure, thus creating untold hardships for ordinary Liberians.

Great ones in the great beyond, it will also surprise that this very government that met corruption at a low pace is leaving office with corruption at an uncontrollable biting peak. It will surprise this government which met the country in tact in terms of small government is leaving office with the largest government bureaucracy.

Great Ones, it is good we remind of these developments because not many of your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters here believe that the country is much more disorganized than it has ever been. Do not mind, you will find people contesting this as a fact because they are reaping from the spoils created by a government that ran this country in deep secrecy.

Sorry for giving you some of these detailed information regarding the state of your country because you have your own problems to deal with wherever you are, whether in hell or heaven. Salient information is that the government some of you voted into office death struck is leaving office with the highest exchange rate portfolio. Tell us whether it is not scaring when your people are exchange LD$120 or LD$125 for a single United States dollars. This is what happening, great ones.

Well, this is not to hurt you but to help you understand why some of your sons and daughters whom you left behind are not in school. Simply put, their guardians (those who taking care of them) cannot afford the huge fees/tuitions schools are charging. Sometimes we ask what happens to the announced free and compulsory school program which should afford kids the chance to go to school free of charge.
But see what is also happening in government at the eleven hour, great ones. There are officials of government, some of them lawmakers, currently not in Liberia but are still taking salaries. Well, it is not strange this is happening because names of those dismissed by the president are not taken off payrolls for months.
Thank you for the time, although we could not provide enough information because of the present electioneering season where twenty of your sons and daughter want to be president, where lawmakers who supposed to be for all have taken side against other candidates in the race. Maybe in the next edition, we will give you a picture of other developments happening behind the scene such as the suspicion hovering over the oil sector.
With this government going to its end, it is becoming clear that the whole oil thing is a smokescreen created by some smart guys in and out of Liberia. Hard to believe though, the fact that companies that bought oil blocks here are yet to discover oil offshore after spending millions of dollars for the exercise. But from what we are hearing, the new government will be made to get to the bottom of this oil thing which peaked during this regime. We thank this government for its service to Liberians, no matter the situation. As it leaves office, its officials must be reminded that they are leaving country in trouble if it is proven the oil thing is charade.
Well, we want to stop here and admonish you to do your best to safeguard your country because evil ones still want to emit evil. Until, then our regards to all of you, folks scattered all over the Universe.
Bye and be a good Liberian!

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