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Dear Great Ones:

Thanks for your time once more! How is the Great Beyond? Hope all is well and everyone is acting peaceful including those in hell for sins committed while on earth. Certainly, we pity their conditions and we want them to know that there are wicked people here who will join them one day.

Well, it is always a pleasure when we come your way to abreast you with developments shaping your nation and people, some of which have become daringly intolerable. With no choice to make because of their appalling conditions, your people accept these situations and try as much as possible to live with them, though it is the wrong thing to do. It is better to speak out against the ills the governors are meting very willfully than to keep mute in the name of “keeping the nation peaceful or leaving the person with God.”


Anyway, this is just an introduction as there are bigger and burning issues confronting this nation and sending your people crazy. Specifically, we would like to inform you that the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (JFK) built by the late President Tubman with the American people’s money has now become a cog to the droves of dead people departing the earth daily. That place has never been messy as it is in its history simply because the “Town Chief” is protecting a particular person’s interest rather than the generality of Liberians. Shamefully, she is unable to take action despite the cries of Liberians whose children, loved ones and relatives are left unattended to for not having money to do “pay as you come.”

Great Ones, can you imagine that an individual Liberian is leading efforts for the purchase of a CT Scan Machine for the JFK while the plenty money (medical bills) people are paying to the Hospital goes to personal pockets. What do you expect, by the way, when a sister of the “Town Chief” is board chair since the unset of governance? Don’t fool yourself to rush to the JFK for tooth aid pain without a cent in your pocket and in your purse; deafness or death will surely be your portion in no time.


Don’t you know one lay girl who was involved in an accident sometimes ago lost her life simply because so-called nurses – the young girls who wear earphones and roam the hospital while patients are crying for help and virtually dying – demand down payment before touching her, while she profusely bled? It is terrible to have a Hospital like that when it only contributes to deaths than to saving lives. It will surprise some of you that your number is increasing everyday, more and more people are joining you. This is because the hospitals – mainly the government-owned – are mere death traps. They are taken over by young people, mainly girls who put bluff before service. Don’t see them in the white, blue and different colors and lure after them. They are the problems in the hospital. For your information, when you have patient on bed and want good attention for them, just look for “small thing” (money in the Liberian parlance) for them. Anything less than that is death because no one will show care. That is one of the several conditions at the JFK – just for kill. Anyway, thank you for listening and reading. We just want to stop there because the problems are plenty in that JFK.

Great ones, we also like to inform you that the problem is also at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town built by the late President Samuel Doe who is also there with you in the great beyond. Just in case you don’t know, the nickname for Redemption is “No bed” because all the beds are filled everyday when new patients are taken there under emergency. However, that “No Bed “changes when you have the contact, meaning the administrator will find means to find bed for the patient whose people have “small something.”

For example, a woman took her dying son there yesterday who could not be looked after, attended to and even taken in. While the boy was crying for pains in his body and also complaining of loss of hearing in a car, the mother tried as much as she could to prevail on the management to do something, but to no avail. While family members brainstormed on what to do with suggestion to take the boy to Mawah Hospital, a car arrived with a patient as well, and to the surprise of everyone, two nurses (doctors) came out, attended to the new arrival, left and made way for that patient to be taken in while the first patient was groaning in pain unattended to. THAT IS LIB.

Great Ones, we thought to share this experience with you because it is becoming so normal that your patient is not given attention, they will tell you no bed simply because you don’t have the contact to make a push. So, it is contact and money that solve problems at government-owned hospitals. Well, we want to stop here. Thank you for your time and we look forward to a favorable response.

Please be good to all men and protect all lives.


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