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Dear Great Ones:
We are back and want to express how happy we are for the cooperation we are getting from you, which also tells us about your commitment to addressing some of the problems Liberians still face, despite fighting a decade-long war aimed to purge corruption from the governance process.

Still dealing with corruption in a way it becomes vampire tells us that some of you are just victims of jealousy and hate. Sorry to tell you that the people who make all the big-mouth to fight corruption cannot hold their trousers and lappas again. But do you know that when the small children do not want to stop stealing, then it means they are looking at the big people? Maybe that is the situation for which this corruption business can just stop here. When the children see the pa eating over the rice, they do the same too. Anyway, one day all the big people will be caught, even when they are not in power because others want to check the records to see what they did while in office. Yes, do not worry, great ones, we are getting there!

Well, we are sure late President Samuel Kanyon Doe, late President William R. Tolbert are all watching from distances, beating their chests and wondering if they could come back and ask the hard questions to some of their killers who are now at the helm of power and overly doing the same things they brought indictments against them.

Thank you Great Ones, because your responses to our inquiries continue to inspire our determination not to waiver but to keep pushing. So is it true that you questioned, just like your brothers and sisters here, the ruling of the Supreme Court that puts the Code of Conduct asunder and makes it a toothless bulldog? Of course, we saw the response sent the other day. We are told former Chief Justice Johnnie Lewis convened a meeting the other day during which all lawyers including the recently departed TC Gould were concerned about the Code of Conduct and why it is disregarded. We are informed that Mr. Lewis threatened to come back for few days and express his disenchantment because he was alive with the Code of Conduct was set into motion. We are waiting to see what will happen, anyway. Though you are dead and gone, but Liberia still resonates with you.

Also we are told that late Pres. Tolbert was furious when someone whispered to him that the Unity Conference Center he built in 1979 lies in ruins with no efforts from someone who knew him to keep his name and dream alive. According to the information, Mr. Tolbert threatened to come here and meet with the leadership to explain why they decided to be ungrateful to him in so manner. We are waiting to see and talk with him.

He was quoted as telling one of ministers who is also with him that with all the things he did in 9 years, his name is forgotten. He said he had hoped the Unity Conference Center would have been renovated and named after him just as the Sport Complex named after his successor, Samuel Doe.

“I knew Doe and others were planning to kill me, but I was informed some people who are in power today were behind everything. But no problem, their time will come,” Tolbert, we are told, told his colleague. Maybe because they say I am Congo man and Doe is native man. So it should tell you that Tolbert still knows about the Congo-Native business up to now.

Besides, we understand that late Presidents Doe and Tubman are desperately furious about the abandonment of projects he took credit for. For Pres. Doe, it is gathered that the demolished Defense Ministry is of concern to him still as well as the forgotten about National Housing & Saving Bank Complex. “So, these people still hate me in my grave,” we are told he asked one of his colleagues of the PRC government during a chat. “I don’t blamed anyone but myself because I had no business leaving my office to go the Free Port where I fell prey to the Western and EOCWAS-inspired ambush when enemies captured and killed in cold blood,” we are told he went on saying.

For Tubman, he is concerned about the state of the Executive Mansion with just few months left for the current President who decides not to run her office from there. Tubman reportedly told Tolbert, his successor, that he did not like the way the building he built is being treated by someone who served under him as junior minister.

Well, we would like to inform you that the election period is getting hotter and hotter. Campaign is ongoing and each of the presidential and legislative candidate is trying to woo the voters. As usual, some bad guys want to spoil things so they are making all sorts of ugly comments, threatening to cause trouble if the election is not conducted in free and fair manner.

But we want to ask you about your knowledge in the past two elections. It is true that someone else won but they gave the results to someone else? We are confused because some people are in the habit of saying this all of the times. We witnessed small confusion in 2005 and 2011 and we are afraid the same does not repeat itself.

We want to stop here and say thank you again. Just be a good citizen who respects the law, forgetting about what the interpreters will say.
Bye and talk to you!

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