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Dear Great Ones:
Thank you and welcome to another exciting information-sharing forum aimed to abreast you of happenings that are shaping the ups and down of your country, where others are fulfilling their dreams through ill-gotten and corrupt means, building glamorous homes and riding the latest vehicles the world boasts of, while millions of Liberians are still struggling for a single cup of rice, a bucket or sag of water to keep alive, to see another day.

In their country of birth, Great Ones, you will not believe that Liberians are like outcasts, treated like buffoons, lied to everyday and completely forgotten by those in whose care they entrusted their votes. What more do we say about lying when a minister took the public sphere and talked about ongoing road patching project, but in reality nothing like that is happening.   Take it or not, your country has seen the worst of corruption, the worst of neglect, the worst of hardship and the worst of deceit and cheat in this time than any other time in the history of its near 170 years existence.
Great ones, doesn’t it ring bell to you when about one thousand Liberians are vying for elected offices in an election just like the one due on October 20? Doesn’t it explain Liberians’ indistinguishable taste for wealth and surplus, considering that the National Legislature presently represents the latest Elephant Meat everyone wants to eat from? Tell us or what you expect from others, if one person, someone who could not handle US$200 a month, is taking home over US$15,000 per month? Can you imagine a single minister is riding a US$70,000 car when potholes are visible everywhere in Monrovia and parts adjacent, and when people are taking one-two hours to get to work from where they live because of traffic causing by bad roads all over Monrovia?
Great Ones, are you not aware that at the Finance Ministry and other ministries and agencies, officials are using public money to attend their personal activities outside of Liberia under dubious means? Don’t you know that US$90,000 was recently taken from the national coffers by an official of government who hid behind a fake workshop or symposium to travel to the US and attend her daughter’s graduation? Yes, this is how your country is being run. This is how they are filling their bank accounts, sending their kids to schools outside of the country, while roads are not accessible, people spending weeks to travel from Monrovia to the Southeast due to bad road conditions.
Believe it or not, this government is able to undertake meaningful projects with its own resources, but it is interested in fatting the pockets of officials with awesome salaries and allowances, ignoring the general good of the country. Of course, what do you expect when over U$250 million is allotted for salary in a national budget of over U$500 million dollars? What do you expect when they create different projects that worth millions of dollars instead of working their line ministries? Is Ghana, Sierra Leone, Guinea or Ivory Coast different from Liberia? These are nations that have leaped in the past two decades while Liberia is sucking fingers, creating Africa’s latest rich list.
Well, this is just a tip of the iceberg as there are other issues that are staining the prestige of the country the government is just not showing the will to address. So, we are in a country of “everyone for themselves, God for all” because “there is no price control or the government says there is no price control.” In this case, store owners, shop owners willfully increase prices of goods that have been on the shelves for long time. Commerce Ministry, for your information, is as weak as banana, easy to stand and break.
As you are aware, election is few months away and the different processes are ongoing, including expression of support for legislative and presidential aspirants and candidates as well as the vetting or accreditation of candidates. You know your country is a place where everything is possible; meaning people do things without looking at the general interest of the country.  So, when a lawmakers from different political camps are ganging up for a particular candidate, then it beats imagination, it raises more concerns and questions. When people are not jumping from one end to another for a particular candidate, someone is considered as being of the spoil, then it should be of concern to you, folks in the Great Beyond.
Great ones, if people are picking others who they have hidden relationship with to be by their side in an election, then it matters must to a nation and people that are looking for solution to their problems. It must not surprise anyone when the next government becomes a friendship one just like the one that is about to leave power. Patronage and nepotism will be strong in the next government, leave or believe it because the aspirants are choosing their ‘relationships’ to be on their side as running mates or something else.
Wow! Wickedness is in high places and God will strike most of them that are using their wealth to harm others. It will hurt you to learn that others, or the big money guys, are using their wealth to bully poor people children into sex, impregnating underage girls and putting them into hidden simply to destroy evidence. Are you now understanding why they are keeping the people in poverty, simply because they want to use their country’s resources against them?
So, Great Ones, we want to ask you to come down and be a help, to find solution to these grudging problems. If you get this letter, please allow late President Tolbert take a look at it because he is one of the plenty presidents Liberians continue to talk about, that things could have been better if he was still alive and at the presidency. Because we have a president and government that know the problems but don’t want to take action; we have a president and government that are preoccupied with vengeance, not interested in continuing projects their enemies undertook before death came their way.   
Great Ones, please be informed that nothing wrong has ever happened to this country in its existence than the coming to being of a regime headed by a female, who is taking the office of president as a mother of five children would take her kitchen. Yes, you have been hearing the praise singers, those are people who benefit from the spoils, the evil and the deceit.
So, please let your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and children know that they have the chance to undo the wrongs of the past by doing the best thing at the poll, otherwise, it becomes “until thy kingdom come.”
Thank you for your time, we talk to you next week by God’s willing.
Be Good!

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