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Dear Great Ones:
Warmest of greetings to you from your poverty-stricken and ditched brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters who are considered or treated as second-class citizens or mere aliens in their country of nativity.

Let’s say for the record that since the founding of this great land of ours, it is the worst of desperation – no money to put food on the table, no money to send children to school, no money for transportation – your people have ever faced. Frustratingly, this is no issue for officials of government whose major preoccupation, from the way things are proceeding, is to grab what is available to them. This is the rush hour that everyone wants to benefit from. At all the government functionaries, there seems a general consensus that everyone, from the lowest and the highest ranking officers, is abiding by. It has the flavor of “blame yourself if get nothing out.”
Great ones, we say this because the president’s actions are too telling. Tell us why the president should be appointing to government those she sacked for inappropriate acts. What have such people to offer for the second time, or at the last minute of the government’s lifespan? Doesn’t it warrant concerns?
Well, we thought to share these lines so that you are not surprised when the news reaches you at a later time. We don’t want to bother you with the many problems facing this nation. We have talked so much about the issues, and yet nothing is working. We are convinced that Liberia’s problems are just not for a short time because ‘greed and covetousness’ will never die off Liberians.  Glaringly, it is in the DNA of Liberians to cheat, to steal, to boast and to kill others to be somewhere.
Well, the race is on, everyone is trying to beat the system to get to the top or to keep others from pursuing their goals. At times, it leaves many to wonder whether this is the Liberia envisioned by some of you several decades ago; this is the Liberia envisioned to be a place of respite and freedom from injustice and disheartenment, hunger and despair. You will understand why others are calling for the partitioning of the country. They may be so much right in their thinking that nothing is going to get better, work well as long Liberians are divided into different groups – those who want it all and those who want small but meritoriously. It is because those who want it all are more than those who want small but meritoriously that things are proceeding as they are. This is about the concept of majority takes it all.
Great ones, we are sure it surprises you that we are saying the same thing when we thought the best brains, the best minds, the best thinkers were in charge of the country to better everything that needed to be given attention. In fact, we got it wrong by thinking that way because the best brains, the best minds, the best thinkers will always work out formulas that best suit their interests. So, the present best brains, best minds, and best thinkers are working out everything including who should become the next president in their favor. Please, don’t be surprised when yooboo and halla-halla come out of the elections! 
Those who have it will certainly want to have it all of the time because no one agrees to be dispossessed and dispositioned. Simply, this is why people want to remain in government until death calls upon them because the comfort of being there is more than the comfort of being out, being in the employ of an NGO or being in your own business. People hardly steal from NGOs, let alone to steal from themselves.
Great ones, it will surprise you to hear that some of the professionals, journalists for that matter, who supposed to stand against the ills keeping the country down are the very ones condoning them, providing platforms for dishonest individuals to plant discords. We need not to detail you everything, but a reminder that you are on your own. The journalists themselves, except from one or two, are self-seeking beings whose organic interest, other than the sole professional reason, is how to get quick money. What a misfortune!
Well, it is a pleasure to come your way once more with another inciting information-sharing platform so that you get a taste of happenings in your society, how officials themselves are putting self ahead of the country, how they are going about the issues at stake and how their actions – failures to do the right things – are affecting everything that makes Liberia a country.
Here in Liberia, nothing works well, yaaaaaaah! So get ready to deal with more despots than you think you are now. Thanks for being there, folks and remain blessed until we come your way!
Good bye

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