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Dear Great Ones:
We can’t explain or write how depressing is news about the plague of corruption in our country and how almost every official in this government is having hands in the systematically ongoing pillaging of every fabrics. Wow and incredible! It is just unbelievable that we find ourselves in such weakening condition of happenings while the rest of our neighbors are celebrating successes, not that they are corruption free, simply because Liberians view it as the only way of getting surplus.

Well, it is out distinguished pleasure to welcome you to another exciting moment of sharing with you happenings shaping the existence and foundation of this little but great nation you left behind. Thank you for the efforts you made for which there is a place we call Liberia, in spite of all the gimmicks by the trustees of power to have it destroyed and wiped out of the face of the earth. You would have been surprised had we told that those who helped to pillage the country, that helped to cause havoc are braving the storm to come public, speaking to their roles as ‘witness’ of the years of deprivation and unrest endured.

It gladdens your people that someone has come out, without any form of coercion, to speak truth to their deals, even-though they did not say they are also perpetrator, which all of us know they are. We are reminded that every truth crushed to the ground has it time to sprout and every secret thing and undertaking against the success of this nation will certainly come out. With your willingness to support the struggle for accountability and responsibility, no one will be left behind when the time comes for the truth to be told in the court of competent jurisdiction. Whether witness or perpetrator, justice is the wish of all Liberians.

Today, there are no longer celebrants but part-takers in the sin of corruption and undermining, even though those whose voices were heard everyday on radio loud and clear and read in the newspapers pensively themselves are being booked. This should tell you that there is no clean person in your country you can put your neck on the chapping board for. Everyone is just baptized in the pool of stealing, rigging the nation of everything it suffered to own. Although, sometimes it becomes boring to keep informing you about corruption, the reason is that everything, every action, every step in Liberia is corruption-related.

Are you aware of happenings at the ministry of finance and development planning? For your information, dozens of officials at the ministry of finance and development planning are reportedly suspended in connection to corruption. We are hearing that some former official (s) of the ministry, some of whom are celebrated as the most trusted and reliable are being interrogated and could lose their present assignments. Well, we will wait and see how it pants out.

Also, it will surprise to learn that Liberia has morally and ethically corrupt characters than they are financially. Isn’t it an act of moral corruption when an official of government chose a public forum to showcase his trainings in the use of invective and vulgarity? If you are not aware, then this is your chance to know. Apart from the days of the People’s Redemption Council which, as we know or knew, composed of untrained and unqualified soldiers, your present government is composed of so many tainted characters whose upbringings are revealed by their actions.

Great ones, when an official goes below the belt by insulting a woman not his, even if she is his, is the worst form of degradation Liberians ever seen in recent times. But may we ask: could this be in another government for such person to still in that position? Don’t you think Samuel Doe, William R. Tolbert, William V.S. Tubman (deceased) or Charles Taylor (now in jail) could have taken harsh action against such official? It is surprising that in this age of women rights being on the front burner, a minister is still in government after ‘bringing down’ his pants to get at a woman. As Tom Kamara would say: “This too is Liberia.”
We wonder whether if conditions will ever change considering the fact that the guys gallivanting for leadership – wanting to succeed Ellen- are the very ones holding the country back, squeezing every juice out of it. Who is it that can be trusted as not having his/her in Liberia’s notorious ‘cocky jar’? Can it be the former soccer player who’s looking for every dim than any other Liberia? Can it be else a former first lady who wants to protect her heritage? Can it be ex-speaker who wants to protect what he managed to accumulate in Ellen’s time? Can it be the rest who left government long time ago, wasted their meager resources on the presidency twice and still trying to get back what is being lost? Can it be the little boys and girls in the other camp totting casket here and there to demonstrate their anger against this government, but in essence will do nothing if given state power and even do the worst? Please ponder over these concerns, they are important.

Thank you for giving us your undivided attention and we are grateful.

Until then Be blessed!

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