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Dear Great Ones:
Another year has dawned and we are highly pleased to welcome you to the New Year – 2017 - a year of abundance and blessing from above as Liberians gear up for election in October this year. There is no gainsay how difficult 2016 had been and how Liberians endured the most horrendous living conditions stemmed from poor policies execution backed by pursuance of personal interest.

While we are grateful for the lives we have today and for seeing another year, we salute the men and women who went home to rest, to prepare a place for those whose time remain. We are aware that some of them did not die prepared, but forced by varying conditions including hunger and hardship. All of you can bear witness of what we are saying to you today because the number of Liberians that passed last year surpassed any other number, not even compared to those who fell the might of the Ebola virus disease.

Today, if you pay a visit back on earth, you will understand what is going on because you will have a firsthand information and experience. The country you left behind is cuffed and the citizens are time-bound to death.

Great ones, do you think the time is coming for Liberians to change this situation they have been struggling with over the years? Don’t you think it is time Liberians stop the blame game because they too are their own problems? Maybe the question is how. Do you at times ask yourselves, great ones, why people do the wrong things in the election of leaders? Why it is Liberians have not learned from the harsh experiences of Tubman’s decades-long rule that produced little or nothing? Why are they not asking themselves what they got out of voting Taylor into power? And why will they not ask themselves what came over them to vote the current leadership into power? Are Liberians believing too much in another kind of political fanaticism – just give in to anything that has no political meaning.

Maybe some of them will say we did not see it that way- of course it is a flimsy excuse that does protect the past and the future. What happens is the wrong thing – others getting best of life out of the foolishness often display during decision-making period.

If someone who hardly got fitting US1,000 in a year time is able to hold shares in a multinational business outside of his country, is not that worrisome? When people are wiring millions of dollars annually into foreign banks – money stolen from government’ coffers, shouldn’t warrant concerns? When people are changing laws on the behest of what gets into their accounts, doesn’t it warrant an action? If leaders owning hospitals and other assets outside of Liberia, shouldn’t it become of concern? When leaders are using influence to buy or take over major companies, isn’t that worrisome? If America is the second home of each and every Liberian government official – from junior to senior level – isn’t that an issue?

Well, we apologize if you find this communication a bit extreme from what you used to getting; this is because the suffering is too unbearable, and the burdens too huge to bear. This communication is as it is because your people are frustrated; they have run out of hope and no-one seems to be showing concerns.

Great ones, if it were possible, we would ask that you beseech the throne of God on behalf of your people to send back William R. Tolbert, may be, Samuel Kanyon Doe. Though everything was not bread and butter during the reigns, unlike what the current leaders are doing, Liberians saw physical efforts on their parts to transform their country. This is difficult, we submit, but if there is something you are capable of doing as your people are looking for a leader, do it now to change the story tomorrow.

If is also possible, show them the way every day as they go to bed: if it will be Mill Jones, George Weah, Charles Brumskine, Benoni Urey, Alexander Cummings, Augustine Ngafuan, or someone not yet known, please do it. This nation has lost direction in everything. If you doubt it, ask God to allow you make a trip back on earth (Liberia).

Until then, the going is tough and it is only the rouges, the crooks, the cheaters, the deceivers, the tricksters and murderers milking Liberia out of the sweat of its good citizens.

Well, we want to stop here and allow you to respond, to say your own. Happy New Year and be blessed
From The Editor’s Desk

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