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Dear great Ones:
Today, we are not in the position to regret causes that underpinned our efforts to inform you of developments over the course of time.

But we will like to acknowledge the tenacity and firmness with which you have been working with us to identify and unravel the mystery of hardships all of us are going through because of how the people we gave powers to years ago have been conducting themselves. If it was just possible to just go where you are, Great ones, you have by now been dealing with an unprecedented influx of Liberians escaping the height of hunger and hardship they have seen in centuries.

As we convey this missive to you, some Liberians who often regard themselves as having interest in the well-being of the commoners - the kids selling cold water, confectionaries and other types of wards, the boys and girls standing under the bizarre bliss of the sun and the terrifying downpours , the old men and women unable to fend for themselves – are being paraded before justice for trying to seek personal interests against the will of the nation.

With these happenings involving the so-called “good citizens,” you will only agree that this tiny nation is doomed and it will only take the courage of those unborn to beat back the despicable destruction being faced in the form of corruption, in the form of indecency, in the form of sycophancy, in the form bribery, in the form of unpatriotism and all other vices.

For your information, Great ones, while corruption is being wrestled against, other nasty happenings are driving this nation into the valley of chaos from where it would be difficult to pull it out. What we are talking about is the weaknesses that cut across every sphere of the governance structure. Can you imagine the guys managing the West African Examinations Council, or WAEC, are themselves another bunch of trouble keeping this nation down?

Just know now that these people announced the cancellation of the Exams just few hours away, citing breaking into of a school in Margibi County by unknown guys who took away the test.”

For your information, these people, who most of the time use exams preparing and processing time to get what they do not have, only did that to save face, while hiding the mean reason behind the abrupt cancellation. The truth is that they made unnecessary mistakes in processing the names of candidates. For example, it will please to note that at some schools, they use names of females for males and even use the wrong pictures for candidates.

If you were candidate John Betee, a male for that matter, they will give you Elizabeth Betee and even give a photo that does not march you at all. This is what happened in most of the schools and worst of all, those buffoons (socalled administrators/principals) shut their mouths because they themselves use the period to get from the candidates, charging all kinds of fees.

The ministry that is managing the messy education system is in the know of this but did nothing to correct. Instead, they joined WAEC to say someone stole the test and so there was no need to administer it. In the face of other challenges, can you imagine, they are requesting $300,000 to print new test.

Great Ones, another laughable situation we want to bring to your attention is that a group of people who are being led by unscrupulous characters are in the streets in the name of holding three days fast against corruption.

How can, do you think, God intervene on behalf of this nation when those cussing people for being corrupt are themselves masters of the game. The difference between them and those public figures implicated in corruption is that their time has not come. Who is he that is leading a group of young Liberians when he is not a respecter of another’s character, labor, prestige and rights, when he is a breaker of basic understanding, when he does not have sense of humanity and humbleness? This is mockery of the highest order that those types of people are doing everything to lead Liberia.

Great ones, while we were on recess, one of the people who want to be president got exposed for not being able to support a simple child, got exposed for moral indecency and got exposed for lacking the values, the charismas to lead a nation that is in search of quality leader.

Now that you have been told what is happening here. Will you allow, because you have the means to decipher wickedness from goodness, your people to go for the wrong people? Will you allow them to put in power a group of misguided characters who want to bluff; who want to bring in stolen cars from America and ride around like big shots?

If you have son, daughter, your wife or husband, if you have brother or sister here on earth and in Liberia, you need to call them, using whatever means. Tell them not to add insult to injury by electing to office those who don’t know their left from right. This is serious!

Well, while the bad people are doing everything to kill every Liberian, there are others who are trying to do their best, trying to show some concerns for the good of the people. It means that all is not lost.

With this, we want to stop here. Thank you for the opportunity that allows us to give you some information about some of the ugly happenings affecting your people.

Until then, thanks for being there

From The Editor’s Desk

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