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Let it be made immediately obvious that during this electioneering period we all must remain assertive in our thoughts but non-abrasive in our actions. The sobering message being sent out there is that respect for the rule of law in any country by everybody and the maintenance of peace must take place in parallel. 


-As Liberians Accused UP-Led Gov’t Of Failure
The National Elections Commission (NEC) has officially declared campaign for the impending 2017 legislative and presidential elections opened on Monday July 31, 2017; this means all contending political parties will now go out across the country to sell their manifestoes to the voters.


No founding fathers is as controversial as Thomas Jefferson, an author of the Declaration of Independence and a slave owner. Critics ask how someone who claimed to support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness could personally violate these precepts. In order to parse through this inconsistency, we should examine his writings on the subject, as well as his actions once he became the president.


Dear Mama Liberia:
In less than 24 hours, the tickling clock shall rest at the day you made a leap and bold step forward by informing the comity of nations that you could now steer your own affairs - government, breed your children and determine how your economy should run. As I write you these somehow meaningless words, I am mindful that you may not get to read them, but somehow by imagination I assume you will.


With the slow pace of the economy, many citizens have blamed the problem on the high increased on the US dollar on the Liberian market thus calling for a single currency regime.


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