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Being blinded with their huge expectations, these Liberians predominantly young people are not considering the real problem of the country regarding growth, development and as to what the future of the country would be under the presidency of Senator George Weah for the next six years; though, one cannot definitely be sure that Weah will or will not make a good President in his first term of office.

Youth employment, better road connectivity, good educational system, healthcare, drop in the prices of various commodities on the Liberian market, are amongst several expectations being expressed by young people whom in their numbers voted the coming into power of the CDC administration.

In a minimum time-frame of 90 days, the Liberian people cannot also be very sure that Weah will live-up to the many grass-rooters ‘unrealistic expectations.

One thing that is clear is that succeeding in any venture is not success in itself, unless those successes succeed. In the same like, winning the presidency is not what makes you succeed rather, what you do with the presidency. Some people voted Weah not because they trust he would succeed, but trust he (Weah) will not succeed, so they have no qualm voting Him.

The expectations are huge; some negative and positive. This is a huge task for his first term performance in office as this could validate or invalidate citizen’s ballots for Weah, therefore, the challenge is now upon him to prove them wrong with every determination and ideas being applied throughout his soccer endeavors.
Though he had succeeded in his devotion and dedication to soccer and the records are indelible. One might not be certain it would be the case with politics, but it still doesn’t mean it is uncertain. But the fact remains that there is still a fear and the fear is this is politics.

Winning the presidency is not what matters the most, but rather, what this nation will be transform into under his presidency is what history will judge him accountable for.

Remember now, it is crystal clear that the majority loved Weah and this conviction has no bearing on elections results. But can you unequivocally say you have, or can reciprocate their undying love for you, Mr. President-Elect? I do believe now is the time Weah give back his share of the bargain.

In 2005 debut election, though Senator George Weah did not make it to the presidency, his face and recommendation afforded more than two dozen of purported massive representatives seats in the 52nd National Legislature, to fully represent the masses whose interests you are an embodiment.

Their performances were dismal. History recalled it was not favorably in the interest of the massive masses. Sixty-six (66) bad concession agreements not meeting good international standards were approved, intentional intended to benefits their selfish and parochial aims and objectives at the detriment of the very struggling masses they sought to represent.

During the 2017 electoral campaign process, president elect Weah graded the Unity Party (UP)-Led government a flying colors of 80 percent performances rate, but the reality is that the grass-root masses on whose shoulders he gained this new nomenclature feels and think otherwise.

They still suffer the harsh negative ramifications from the sixty-six (66) bad concession agreements, and yet, because of mere love, they agreed with you (Weah), therefore, you should also be ready to give back to these destitute with the exact same measure they have given you.
Though many persons are still not convinced that the almost three (3) years of service as Montserrado County's Senator duly benefited the densely populated slum communities of Gebrata, West-Point, Soniwein, Buzzy Quarter, Clara Town, New Kru Town, Doe Community.
While it is true we are talking to the young people to managed or limit their expectations about your government, but on this new page, Mr. President-Elect, you will be held accountable to all standards associated with your new office at a larger scale.

You must restore the people’s hope once more and give power back to them in a meaningful way that will positively affects their livelihood. You must also be ready to address the needs and aspirations of those who did not believe in you, as the majority have automatically absorbed them all.

Be your own good man and do not allow yourself to be anybody’s main bad man. if you intend to be a main bad man, be your own main bad man.
Mr. president-elect, do not allow the majority negatively formed a human shield around, lest you fail. Let God direct your path, hold unto Him with unchanging hands, lest you fall prey to temptation. You owe no one anything but all the Liberian people. Be tolerance and open-minded to criticisms even if it is not constructive and balance.

Augustine Tamba, FLY President

“It was on the shoulder of young people that this government came into power, therefore I would expect what it takes to improving the lives of the young people must be a concern of the CDC administration. Moving forward to achieving some of our national documents like the vision 2030, agenda for transformation, even though they will come up with their own developmental documents; I think the government elect have to keep young people at the focus of the development pillows of Liberia something that can only be achieve through considering youth in every activity of the state. I would also expect emphasis or priority be given to young people paying direct attention to youth development and transformation through empowerment programs. Consequently, he holds that when signing such agreements, government must create the opportunities where young people will be captured in term of transformation, development and the way they are going to impact the nation and this way, they will begin forecasting how they are going to live up to the expectations of young people in Liberia. young people scarified so much to bring this government to state power and their development and transformation should not be joke with. They must be highlighted in every aspect of the CDC regime.”


Lawrence Sua, Employee GN Bank

Lawrence Sua who is an employee of GN-Bank said he would expect the CDC led government to performance but stressed that it cannot be achieve in the absence of the people noting that if the government succeed everyone have equally succeed. “I listen to Ambassador Weah committed himself to providing more jobs but it cannot happen automatically but requires time, and as his term progresses, I would expect reduction in the issues of unemployment to a significant level.”

Lawrence Sua also want the newly elected Government to engage in agriculture program which will also help in the reduction of poverty and as well generate revenue so as to contribute to the economy growth of the nation.

He stressed the need to have a save environment in term of security, something he observed will attract investors into the country. And allow many people to invest in the country something that will also provide jobs opportunities for the Liberian people.

“People talking about government; I think different about Even though government is the highest employer it cannot employed everyone we need to invest more into the private sector.” On the issue of Liberians managing their expectations, Mr. Sua noted “I think if you make promises you should be able to fulfill them because it is based upon that the people voted you. Sua equally argue that why it is true they are calling on Liberians to manage their expectations about the government elect, these citizens need to be given the benefit of the doubt. “If during the campaign there were promises made to provide jobs they are saying a considerable number of people should get job and how much more do we want them to manage that,” he wonders.

Saye, CEO Mama Liberia Water Company

“As for me, I would expect reconciliation to be a number one priority of the CDC led administration. We need to extend reconciliation in Liberia this means economy and political reconciliation must take place in order to be able to ensure that every Liberian has a fair share of opportunity of national resources. When every individual within our society is empowered, the issue of keeping things against each other will be reduced. Reconciliation as it stands in our country, must be driven away from just anticipation of calling people for round table discussion, but should rather go deep down in the way we organize our governance system; and ensure equal participation of public space that every citizen will be accommodated.

The responsibility is upon the government elect to ensure they reach all out to people who opposed them, and those who felt the option they were providing for the country was not just good and not to take things personal with people because they opposed them.

In every giving political situation, the opposing parties have good ideas to moving the country forward, but the methodology is what they default upon. Therefore, if you are successful in preaching your methodology, it is equally important that you bring me who opposed you on board to help you move the nation forward. But, if the CDC administration places emphasis on the political thoughts and does not accommodate others who opposed them during these elections, than I foresee serious challenges in term of true reconciliation amongst people of Liberia.”

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