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Now, they control and manipulate the NEC, the process rendered illegal by the same “they”, in order to rig the elections results by selecting the winners– CDC and Charles Taylor’s former wife and continuing confidante - who have announced, already, unequivocally, that “there will be no war-crime tribunal” in Liberia if when they become rulers of Liberia.
To guarantee no prosecution and staying out jail, the President, now former president, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has abandoned the UNITY Party that brought her to power, prominence (“This Child will be Great”) and personal wealth (majority of which was, apparently, stolen in and by a cesspool of lies, deceit, manipulation, intimidation, vengeance and arrogance). She has bank-rolled “opposition political parties, reportedly, Liberty Party of Cllr. Charles Brumskine and lately, the Coalition of George Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change, Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Party and former Speaker Tyler’s Party, all out of public resources.
In response to the New Democrat newspaper Editorial, “Enough is Enough! EJS Must Not Be Allowed to Handpick her Successor”, we wrote, “But she did”!
On Critical, Crucial Issues, We wrote:
In an article entitled, International Elections Observers (Analyst Liberia, September 27, 2017)we held that “The Liberian people know that Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (EJS) was the creation of the faceless ‘international community’ which, in fact, was and is the United States of America; and that EJS was never ‘democratically-elected’ in 2005 nor 2011 by the people. Moreover, the Kenya Supreme Court Decision demolished, for all time, the credibility of International Elections Observers. Indeed, the recent US Senate Declaration of Support for Liberia (the Farmington River Declaration) to ensure peaceful, democratic elections is, in reality, support for EJS/ACDL/TAYLOR/NPFL/INFPL War and destruction of Liberia, now translated to the EJS/NPP/CDC/LP Electoral coalition with Donald Trump as US President and continuation of US-Liberia relations of apparent colonialist tendencies”.
“This condition, in these days of Pro-Democratic, universal or Global action, is unfortunate, dangerously and disappointingly, that we, Liberians, are ignorant, apparently, of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on Neo-Colonialism”.
“The moral of the Editorial’s argument, we believe, lies in our willingness to recognize and accept responsibility to do for us that which we can, should and must do ourselves. Take, for example, the forthcoming democratic, presidential/general elections. We know that those elections are planned to be rigged. Why? Because we allowed many negative policy actions by abstentions”.
“As compared to the recent Kenyan landmark, African Supreme Court decision, the issues in the forthcoming elections are a Tsunami, in terms of Statutory/Constitutional violations and the potential contests with constitutional crisis ahead. In that, the Kenyan episode arose and occurred at low-level government agency, an IT Consultant, with violation, only, of Statutory Procedural Law, with impact on the outcome or results, the Presidential/General elections, defined and protected by Constitutional Law”.
“Whereas, the Liberian episode began, directly, at the very top – from the President of Liberia to chairman of the National Elections Commission, with violations, both, of Statutory and Constitutional Laws. Dragged before the Supreme court on charges of violations of Statutory & Constitutional Laws on Elections and Citizenship, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, Chairman of Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC), told the High Court that ‘those making the claim (charges against him) are opening a Pandora Box . . . why come after me . . . take the issue up with the Executive Branch of government (headed by the President) that appointed me (Front Page Africa, June 23, 2017)’”.
“This response, coming from the Chairman of the nation’s NEC, is clear evidence that the President of Liberia appointed him knowing, fully well, that he is legally ineligible to hold such position, according to Statutory & Constitutional Laws. Also, that Cllr. Korkoya’s testimony of denial of this fact under oath – Perjury – during his Senate confirmation hearings implicates the President of Liberia as ‘accessory’ and that she (the president) must be prosecuted and be removed as president, including Cllr. Korkoya as Chairman of the NEC”.
“More importantly, in the light of the proven Statutory and Constitutional violations of this magnitude, retaining the President and Cllr. Korkoya in their respective offices is legally untenable, because these actions render the Electoral Process illegal and, therefore, its results illegal, null and voidable. For, any act unlawfully carried out or done is not done at all and, therefore, its results are null and void”.
Cllr. Korkoya in open Court: “Open Liberia’s Pandora Box”
“Now is the time for the Liberian People to summon the ‘COURAGE, POLITICAL WILL, GUTS’ and ‘PATRIOTISM’ to wipe the national slate clean, by ‘opening, fixing and closing Liberia’s Pandora Box’. For, the politically-connected ‘wheelers-dealers’ and others are ready and poised to lead this nation and people, again, to planned, stacked and rigged Elections, come October 10, 2017”.
“But we failed or refused, miserably and dangerously to”:
1. Remove and prosecute Cllr. Jerome Korkoya as Chairman of the National Elections Commission and for Perjury. Therefore, the Electoral Process is woefully illegal;
2. Prosecute the President as an accessory (for knowingly-appointment of Cllr. Korkoya who is legally-ineligible but committed perjury upon the aid/abetting by the President) and, if found guilty (as the overwhelming, validated evidence suggests) be asked to resign or be impeached upon refusal;
3. Remove the dishonest NEC members dominated by illegal foreign citizens and a new NEC re-constituted; and
4. Re-scheduled/postpone the Presidential/General Elections scheduled for October 10, 2017 to reasonable date to include superintendents, Paramount, Clan Town Chiefs, political officials of counties, consistent with the requirements of National Decentralization and Local Governance Policy and mayors of cities.
“In so doing, by our miserable, dangerous failure/refusal, we approve historic continuity of Moral Decadence, public dishonesty (roaring corruption of graft & greed, etc.) of more-than-a century for, perhaps, another century of the same”.

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