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At the time when President Sirleaf was contesting in 2005 and 2011Boakai had been with her, and now having served for eleven years and wanting to succeed her, one may expect the same from the President. With all the speculations they are yet to come up to clarify and we are left with couple of days to elections, is it that the President is waiting for one day to elections before coming up to raise the hands of her Vice President.

There are many people who believed in the ideology of President Sirleaf, so, that’s why they supported the Unity Party during those years, and now that fact that she has had this Vice President for the last 12 years, they have been on this journey. As she ends her tenure and he is about to begin his, her absence speaks volume.

Political pundits are of the view that this is like the President thinks Vice President Boakai cannot handle the country, so, because of this he cannot continue or share her vision; therefore, she’s not supporting him. No one can argue that the Vice President does not need the President, because if you are discussing the government in Liberia, the first person to mention is President Sirleaf. For this reason, every political party or candidate needs the ideology of Madam Sirleaf based upon the benchmark she has set.

UP and Liberians in general still need the President to be a part of the process. Her legacy will live on because during her tenure Liberia experienced democratic transformation, and as a matter of fact, it is because of her the country is experiencing a democratic society. This persistent absence of the President could also reduce the numbers of votes because some people might come to realize that once the President is not supporting the Vice President, they too might not support him.

Ekcoline Spencer AMEZ
“I do not think the Vice President will need the campaign tour of President Sirleaf because, basically in our country the Unity Party-led government under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has not done much; therefore, it could be a resounding defeat for the Unity Party for Madam President to serve as the face of Vice President Boakai during these process,” Ekcoline said.

“We saw what happened during the Unity Party launch of campaign even though President Sirleaf was never a part, therefore, whether or not the President is supporting the Vice President such should not be the issue,” she maintained.

Mai Sawo, William Booth High School

For her part, there are lots of people that are currently supporting the Vice President that are not partisans of the Unity Party but because they believe that Vice President Boakai can take the country to the next level.

“The President is the President and she also a member of the party and she still maintained her position within the party,” Mai observed.

Edimond Tartee, UMU

“For me, I do think the issue of the President not supporting Vice President Boakai is a game being managed by Sirleaf and Boakai,” Edimond said.

According to her, history has proven that Sirleaf has been the only President most hated by the Liberian people, and linking her to any political party will mean you are destroying the image of that party. Based upon this, they are playing a smart game to get away from the vacuum created by President Sirleaf in getting the Liberian people to vote Vice president Boakai in these elections.

“The President has disconnected herself from the presidential bid of Vice President Boakai because he had been very dishonest to Madam Sirleaf. Did listen to Joseph Boakai during the first presidential debate when he said this government had squandered the opportunities and he also displayed same when he inferred that his “car was parked in a garage”,” the UMU student maintained.

She also alleged that more besides, the Vice President currently has people around him who are against the President, and as a result, it becomes even more impossible for the President to extend support to the party.

“Remember now that the President is on record so many times that forgiveness is her greatest weakness”, Edimon recalled.

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