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Teenage faces real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward stages of growth as they undergo a long and tedious period of self-realization infused with discovery, experimentation and fear among other things.

It is hard to be a teen. Teenagers need advice to help guide them cope with the perils and issues that plaque and challenge their various developmental stages of existence.

The problem teenage faced today are varied and interrelated like a chain, and as such parents should talk to their children to agree with them on a list of rules that clearly guides their path to maturity.

Some common teenage issues are school work, stress, discrimination, shyness, bullying and body image. If your child’s worries about teenage issues that due to psychological disorder won’t go away, you can do lots of things to help in the process.

According to psychology, children worry about many things including behavioral, emotional, puberty or learning beyond the normal teenage issue. Teenage age years can be full of pressure, uncertainty and change in body composition all of which is normal to worry about.


Massa Kollie, 24 and a 12th grade student of the William Booth High School

Massa`s comments: “drug use is a common problem that most of the teens face today. They are addicted to drugs due to a number of reasons. Mostly it is the peer pressure. If the parents don’t have time for these kids, then the problem only become more serious, so do not blame your child if you catch him or her taking drugs.”

“Give them the help and support they need. It is also equally important that you explain to them how drugs can be dangerous and must be avoided.”

Mary Nagbe, 17 and an 11th grade student of David G. Barshell School System

For Mary: “Many teenagers today suffer from body image problem. They spend huge sum of money on clothes but at the end of it they are never satisfied. Not all teenagers can look gorgeous. Others who do not have a great figure and look usually begin to feel depressed and soon become introverts.”

‘They don’t make friends and they often stay at home and they feel that they are too fat and are not attractive enough to get a date.’

According to her, some also blame their parents for having dark skin or for not taking their diet as a child. “You may feel really upset to see your child and you will also feel very dejected but you must understand that the child is frustrated and needs your help and comfort.”

“If a child is very upset never leave them alone, rather you should listen to all that they have to say till they can calm down, because leaving them alone can be a big mistake, she said.

Mai Sawo, 16 and an 11th grade student of Effort Baptist School

Commenting on addiction and social network, Mai said: “social network has become the necessity in the lives of the teenagers. If you check the internet, you will see how teenagers are addicted to the net. They also invite unnecessary trouble because of this and also they get followed by cyber criminals and hikers. This can lead to lots of crimes against the teenagers.”

She indicated that teenagers are so addicted at times by spending whole night updating their details on the site. They do not sleep well and cannot even concentrate on their studies and as a result they suffer a lot in all aspects of life.

Naomi Momolu, 13 and a 9th grade student of T-Five Academy

Naomi interjected: “drinking and smoking has become of common concern to parents and guardians. Nearly all teenagers are faced the habit of either drinking or smoking.

“If teenagers are found drinking and smoking they must be dealt with sensitively,” she recommended. According to her, as a parent, one must be aware that his/her child will drink and smoke as this is normal.

“However, if they are into too much of these, then you must take action and deal with the problem. You can also send them to a rehabilitation center,” she iterated.
The T-Five Academy student noted that teenagers might also feel the need to smoke and drink due to pressure from in or out of family jurisdiction including friends and peers.

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