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Plain Talk

Alphonso Toweh NRWelcome to plain Talk. It hurts to see a lucrative and enterprising entity to go bankrupt ahead of the discovery of oil. What? Is it curse or what? There are too many answers than to this. It is not time to go into it all now.


Welcome to plain Talk. I have been cool for some time. Moreover, I went to play football and got wounded when I almost score a goal.


“A man's feet must be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world,” George Santayana, a Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet, and novelist said.


Welcome to plain Talk.
“We can only get our continent to have inclusive growth if we are educated and change our mindsets,” Doreen E. Noni, Creative Director, Eskado Bird. She made the statement in Davos, at the World Economic Forum.


Welcome to plain  Talk. Glad that I am back  after few weeks of stay away in the USA  to  attend  the funeral of  Dr. Daniel B. Toweh, Snr, my uncle, a medical doctor who died in Minnesota. He died of cancer.


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We dedicate time, energy, resources in the people who go out for the news.  We invest  in the  talents  and potentials of  the   professionals.  Basically, we focus on   capacity  building of our  people so that they can be prepared for the challenges ahead. We are the light for all. We  focus on the needs of our readers and bring to them new  level of  innovation that inspires them.

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New Republic  tells the accurate stories as they come.  Investigate, capture moments and tell it as it comes. We bring to readers what  is news, what is informative and what is touching to add value to their business and  time. Importantly,  we do the job as our clients and readers would like to see. Moreover,  value  is added to whatever that we do to enhance productivity and longevity.

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We dedicate time, energy, resources in the people who go out for the news.  We invest  in the  talents  and potentials of  the   professionals. We look at the issues that make the news and bring  it to  our readers. The way of working is very unique and professional. Looking beyond the news is always our aim. Knowing what is behind the news is  crucial in all that we do.

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We do it just it  as it comes.  We get it out in a more  balanced and professional way as expected by the professionals  straight to  our readers. We do it at a time when  others do   not have it in mind. While others are searching, thinking, that is the time we release it to  our  readers. So, it comes at a privileged time where they will make  an  opinion on relevant issues.