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Welcome to plain Talk. I have been cool for some time. Moreover, I went to play football and got wounded when I almost score a goal.

But let us get to it.

When The National Oil Company of Liberia, NOCAL was established in 2000 during the regime of jailed president, Charles Taylor, not much was known about it.

Not many people went around to lobby, not many people went for consultancy services, not many people went around the county to educate citizens about the new oil bill. The later was not available at the time maybe.

Well, today, the plain Talk is, after it became a center of attraction and ‘hottest’ honey attraction entity, the gap became wild.

Prior to that, only few people knew how important this oil sector was. I remember at one press conference, the former minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, the late Jenkins Dunbar said: “I hope I will be around to see the first drop of oil that will be pulled from the well. That will be a very happy day in my life.” But he did not live to see that time. No one knows when that time will come anyway.

NOCAL, actually attracted the attention of people when Robert Sirleaf, son of president Sirleaf was appointed as chairman of the board. His mission was among others, to carry out a reform. But I am not here to write about it. At the right time, I will look at it.

So, let me move on. Soon, NOCAL became the ‘center of attraction’. Almost anyone who wanted job in Liberia first place of priority was NOCAL. It became over staffed and the tiny entity soon had over one hundred and more employees.

But the plain Talk today is NOCAL alone should not take the blame for the level of bankruptcy. The plain Talk is the Executive must look at the role they played(at least the president has taken responsibility of it. Which is good to some level), The legislature should also take responsibility of it too.

When the speaker and his team went from one county to the other to explain to citizens the new oil bill they did not one day think that the huge benefits and DSA that went along, would one day have effect on the entity?

Also, those in the diaspora should take the blame too; road show to explain about the new oil bill. Some journalists who were playing consultancy role too need to take the blame.

The plain talk, sadly is no one is prepared to speak. All have ran away like antelope escaping from a leopard in the forest.

Only the Chief Executive and the top officers are receiving these lashes. Sadly, several people are going to be out of jobs. Yes, it is important also to blame the Chief Executive officer for not been rigid and professional. Maybe, all he thought, he had strong contact at the presidency, perhaps his relative, who works in the office of the president would shield him. No way uncle! You got it wrong! Period. When the thunder storm strikes, every human being covers his own head.

The plain Talk is where are the lawmakers? They are saying they want to see a complete audit and some are saying there should not be any benefit, forgetting that they also chopped some money from NOCAL too.

But wait a minute. Where are the media consultants? They varnished or they have become ‘spirit’ where they only use mobile phone to call?

One may ask: Why? Simple. As a ‘honey tree’ many people wanted to get taste of it. Where there is money, there are too many people with too many ideas who would want to be a part of the ‘train’.

For example, the legislature should take the blame too. Civil society should also take the blame too, the media should take the blame too, various groups such as students group, should share it too.

For the legislature, whenever some oil bills went over for passage, there were reports of some envelops that went around as a way to ‘soften the ground’. Now the ground has become softer and even those standing on the ground are beginning to sink.

So, I will say to you all today, that NOCAL should not take the entire blame for its bankruptcy. Others must also take it.

Until then, I see you next week.

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