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Welcome to plain Talk. Over the past months, this section has been running  ‘dry’ without plain Talk. A  column that writes as it is.

Let me bring this quotation from Winston Churchill:  “There is nothing wrong in change, if it is in the right direction. To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.” Churchill, 23 June 1925 (cited in Langworth, Churchill: In His Own Words).

This year, the leadership of president  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, first female president of Liberia and Africa tenure will come to an end when Liberians of voting age vote for a new leader. That will be the beginning of change from her presidency to a new person.

This will be a very crucial election in which our future hinges on.  The attitude of Liberians will either enable us  to forge ahead or slide back into  problems.

But the plain Talk  is, most of the issues will depend on the current leadership and the  various political parties approach towards happenings in the country.

My thoughts for this election  are it may be murky and at some point dirty, politically. Not only that, but also, problematic.

 I say problematic due to the pre-elections variables that are becoming to emerge.   For instance, president Sirleaf has said that whoever becomes the next president, she will have a say in it. We do not know what she means by that.

Remember she is a member of the ruling Unity Party and her vice is also contesting to replace her.

From the other end too,   opposition politician, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, whom many people allege that president Sirelaf is supporting, has said that it is about time for the UP to be out of power.

He and other political party leaders are determined to take state power through elections.

But in the midst of all that, the Code of Conduct (COC) has come out, in which many people may be denied to take part.

There will be some level of confusion and acrimony, come 2017 election.   For me, realistically speaking, I see the COC as a recipe for confusion.

Every politician has interest directly or indirectly. Already, there are reports that president Sirleaf is supporting Brumskine.  She has denied it. It is a known fact in Africa that presidents are very powerful and whatever they want to see done, can be done.

But let me be blunt here. If that is true, then Brumskine will have to work hard.

In our setting today, we need to look at history before we move. Take for example, former president pro-Temopre, Gberzongar Finley, was strongly supported by president Sirleaf.  She went to Buchanan to campaign for him.  We know what happened; he lost

Her presence made many people to go against Finley.  The electorates from Grand Bassa know that well.

My thoughts are that  similar thing  could happen in this elections.

On the COC, my thoughts remain uncertain. As it stands now, almost all political parties are predicting victory.

But what if they do not win? The plain Talk is, some will lead to creating chaos in the country.

This COC may put the country into serious political turmoil if care is not taken.

But before that, the entire  voter registration process  had too many problems. Some people were caught  with blank cards. Who knows how many were not caught with similar cards.

Today, the plain Talk is the COC should be repealed so as to avoid serious conflict. I think this entire work rest on the shoulder of president Sirleaf.

For me, if  president Sirelaf wants to see a smooth transition, then she needs to forget about this COC so that it can be looked at in the next government. I am afraid,  if this is not done, come October 2017, many people would be moving with their bundle of personal effects on   their heads . This, we do not want to see happen.

My thoughts are, scrap this COC to minimize tension.

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