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Welcome to plain Talk. Over the past time, the city has been producing some good and interesting news and topic and gossips for one to follow.

For instance, gossips like big boy one, big boy two, writ of arrest, demonstrations by die-hard supporters for some top individuals and so on and so forth. But read this quote: “We are free, but not to be evil, not to be indifferent to human suffering, not to profit from the people, from the work created and sustained through their spirit of political association, while refusing to contribute to the political state that we profit from,” Jose Marti.

The plain Talk is something has been going on in Liberia.


Last week, I was at criminal court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice with my camera taking some interesting photos. As I stood taking photos, one lawyer came closer and said, hi ambassador.(a title most former students from either Foreign Service Institute or IBB graduate school of international relations call their friends. I am a product of both institutes). I answered: “good ambassador. But I am here in my capacity as a journalist.”


Then I saw a lawmaker. He was in conversation with some people and that conversation became of interest to me. I drew closer.


“We have come to see what is going on here today. We will defeat the president here today and when we get to the capitol hill, we will deal with her and it is there we will defeat her. We will ‘see’. Look in Brazil, he said. An impeachment process for the president there ongoing.


The plain Talk is who wants to impeach? According to Wikipedia, impeachment is a process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome of which, depending on the country, may include the removal of that official from office as well as criminal or civil punishment. But this official could be either president, Speaker, Senate pro-Tempore or any official for that matter.


Many lawmakers are peeved. So, they want to ‘act’. But from the definition, it clearly tells me that even those in the house can be impeached too while they are seeking ways to impeach a top official.


But what baffles me is the level at which our honorable lawmakers act at times. This is not the first time for one to speak of seeking ways to impeach the president. What has she done to warrant such thinking?


The plain Talk is, they are jokers. This president is powerful, clever, smart and calculative in her dealings.


Let us agree that they reach a decision to get her out. There are many UP partisans, many of whom need some form of support from her. Also, some opposition lawmakers too who need special approval from the president on key matters will not be part of it.


This brings to mind the story of rat and cat. All the rats in one village decided to meet and take action against cat. They were in their numbers but cat which was one, ran after them and ate them. At that meeting, they said, let us kill cat by handing rope on his next when he comes to get any of us. “Yea, yea,,” they nodded their heads in agreement.


The plain Talk, is when the time came for it to be executed, one of them asked: “who will put the rope on the next of cat?” Everyone decided to draw back. There was no rat available to carry it out. That was the end of it.


So, there is talk about impeaching the top person of the land. Who will do it? I am eager to see that person. The plain Talk is, that will be a rocky, bumpy road to drive on.


It leave you with this wise saying from a great thinker: Plato: “There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.” Until then, I see you next week.

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