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The ruling Unity Party Monday consolidated its political marriage with the opposition Liberty Party after its appeal to legally intervene into the matter at the National Elections Commission was granted.

UP recently offered its readiness to stand with the LP in its case against the outcome of the elections filed before the NEC for which a writ of prohibition was filed before the Supreme Court.
UP, ANC and ALP are the three parties in solidarity with the LP in the issue which has already caused a stalemate for the runoff election which was scheduled for today, Tuesday.
The Board of Commissioners of NEC granted the motion proffered by the UP to legally intervene in the Liberty Party case which is being determined based on the Supreme Court’s ruling of Monday.
NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome Korkoyah said the decision was to enable the Commission move forward as per the mandate or opinion of the Supreme Court.
During the augment on UP’s request to intervene, NEC counsel noted the UP motion was not timely and not in line with the law, saying “the constitution provide 7 days after the announcement of the final results, appellee should have taken the lead.”
He maintained UP did not take advantage of the time provided in Article 83(c) of the Constitution which provides 7 days for aggrieved parties or candidates challenging the elections results shall or must file complaints to the hearing office of the national elections commission board of commissioners.
“While it is true intervention is allowed in a process like that, said intervention must be timely and in line with provisions of the constitution and elections law,” he argued.
Saying it is cost intensive and time-consuming to allow UP into the legal fray, the NEC counsel prayed the Board of Commissioners not to grant the UP’s motion to intervene.
But defending UP’s motion to intervene, Cllr. Varney Sherman recounted the case between korku Y. Dorbor and Bill Tarwaye in 2011 where the ruling establishment intervened on behalf of Representative Tarwaye.
Cllr. Sherman argued the appellee has rights to intervene in the matter in as much as the complainant (Liberty party) has agreed for them to intervene on their behalf.
He wondered why NEC would avoid citing a necessary party like UP.
“I wondered what NEC suffering is when the defendant has not put out defense yet and that the complainant has agreed for us to intervene,” Cllr. Sherman noted.
He stated that not taking appeal on time does not mean appellee should be denied motion to intervene once there is a rights.
On the back of the argument, the Board of Commissioners granted the motion which allows the UP to make intervention into the LP case which is being cased at the NEC.

Political experts continue to finger out why the ruling party which is in the runoff with the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change is taking side with LP in the case.

Others said it was intended to appease the LP in a way likely to get its support for the runoff with the CDC.

In the LP’s stronghold of Grand Bassa County, the home of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the standard-bearer of the party, UP’s performance is poor.

The CDC came second to the LP, and political analysts think the UP is trying to use the process to buy sympathy from the LP to pledge support to if the runoff should stand.

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