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-Cllr. Brumskine & The LP Assure A Dying Nation
In February of 2007, then Senator Barrack Obama of Chicago stood on a super structure built at the back of his home in Illinois, to announce to the people of America he was running for President.

Stepping into the shoes of other African Americans who ran for office in vain because of their colors and links, he was aware of enormity of the task he was about to undertake. Of his appealing remarks to the nation, Obama repeatedly echoed “it is time for change.” After a wide, Americans grabbed his message and realized it was high time they changed and Obama made history. Here in Liberia, one of the candidates is trying to put similar word out like Obama, rallying Liberians for ‘real change’ of the system. With all things lay aside, that change, according to Liberty Party, is imminent with the Liberty Party and Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine as Liberians troop to the poll tomorrow. New Republic, reports.

It does not take a rocket scientist to diagnose Liberia’s problems and the need for a change in the governance of the state. A country of natural endowments, Liberia remains in a state of misfortune blamed on bad leadership and poor governance. Corruption is at record high along with hiked prices in a fading economy.

These are some of the terrifying conditions the Liberty Party (LP) has offered to change if elected as the ruling party. The LP and its Standard-bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, strongly believe all is not lost for Liberia and Liberians amid another election opportunity to make amends.

The ‘Change’ Liberians have longed over the years, according to the LP, is imminent. ‘Change’ has been at the core of the party’s message to the people of Liberia who now have the chance to make it happen.

From Cape Montserrado to Cape Palmas, LP’s message of Change resonated. During the party’s campaign launch in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, and at other campaign fora, Cllr. Brumskine appealed to Liberians to give him their mandate to deliver the ‘Change’ required in the governance of the state.

Political experts believe his call for ‘Change’ is predicated on the vast experience he has and brings to the table, as someone who worked in government before.

He disagreed with then President Charles Taylor on many governance issues, putting himself at risk given Taylor’s record at the time. His action at the time was in the interest of the state, it is said, since Taylor was railroading everything to his interest.

In the lineup for the Executive Mansion race, Brumskine is the oldest in terms of number of times he is running. According to him and his party officials, in 2005, Liberians did not grant him the opportunity to liberate them; the same was 2011.

At one of his campaign rallies, the LP standard-bearer joked “I have been in the queue for long. In 2005, the Liberian people said it was not my time; in 2011, they said the same. In 2017, it is my time.”

But those who know him said his being in the queue for long is not about himself, but for the good of Liberia and Liberians whose interest he is keen to serve.

“He is the most qualified, the most experienced and the most trusted of the candidates vying for the President. Liberians listened to him on many occasions what he brings to the table, what he is capable of doing,” remarked John Cole, an LP partisan.

Cole thinks and believes the LP is not a party that vacillates on its agenda for the nation, and stressed “this is because Cllr. Brumskine is a consistent character who does not abdicate.”

“The LP has grown from strength to strength; this is due to tenacity and commitment of the standard-bearer and the entire leadership to the noble ideals of making Liberia a better nation under God’s control, a nation completely changed from the old order of centralist governance system.”

As Liberians vote tomorrow for their next president, Cole believes Cllr. Brumskine will not let them down as the UP which is fighting to hold onto power.

The consistency and focus on his plans for the country, to bring real change are said to be the driving force behind the good show in the recent poll released by International Political Poll (IPP).

Recent IPP poll shows that Charles W. Brumskine (LP) has managed to stay in first place and leads with 26.58%. His fresh lead in the poll, according to LP insiders, puts in an advantageous position to emerge victorious.

His pledge to downsize his salary and officials of government as president, to fight corruption to the bone, and to recalibrate the economy by investing into agriculture forms the bedrock of the ‘Change’ proposed.

“If Liberians are sincere and worried about their present conditions, they should elect Cllr. Brumskine,” said a diehard LP partisan in the Borough of New Kru Town.

“This is because his plans are aimed to address the same old problems Liberians are complaining about.” Huge salaries for government officials as well as other benefits consume bigger part of the national budget, with little to tackle development issues.

The LP political leader promised to transfer proceeds from these actions to other priority areas, such as education and healthcare. A messy education system and healthcare is a nightmare Liberians have endued and continue to endue since the inception of this government, but the LP has promised greater transformation, greater change in these areas.

Brumskine wants to build an enlivening health and education sector that present the quality of good governance, that restore the dignity of Liberians as well.

As Liberians go to the poll tomorrow, the real change offers by the LP should consummate their desire for ‘change’ in the way they vote the next president.

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