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Bishop of the Mission for Today Holy Church has warned young people not to badmouth any candidates in the race in the name of politics because one cannot predict what the future holds.

Bishop P. Manasseh Conto indicated that insulting or tearing promotional materials of political parties and candidates are not only evil but it is a tool for creating conflict.
He maintained that the action undermined peace and stability; therefore, young people must avoid campaign and political rallies of candidates if they do not favor such candidates.
Conto affirmed that violence has never help before and will never help Liberia now. “Peace is the way; let’s talk, lets disagree and let`s love Liberia to the point that we will never fight.”
He also warned youth not to insult people in the name of politics because one cannot predict what the elections results would be, noting that those people you insult today might eventually become the winners and you will need them when elections are over.

Manasseh Conto: “do not demonstrate for any political candidates and avoid disrupting political rallies of people because this could disrupt the smooth transitioning process in the country as this also undermines the effort of ensuring peace and stability in the country.”

The clergyman further warned young people not to allow themselves to be cited on the streets by politicians to protest against the 2017 elections results.
Meanwhile, Bishop Conto has described politicians who according to him are spreading falsehood to break others down to gain public relevant as hustlers.
“I just feel that those who go into politics and try to break somebody down by spreading falsehood as the only means of selling themselves are not politicians, but are rather hustlers who come to exploit the people.”

According to him, politicians should concentrate on what they will do for the people and how they intend doing it and not to attach or go into people personal life.

He wonders why politicians will leave their platform and go on discussing others. “I do not even like to mention the name of my opponent because by doing that whether in the negative or positive way you are one way or the other selling the person.” Liberia needs leader that will be able to turn water into wine, that is, making the impossible possible.

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