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The chair of national youth league of the opposition United People Party (UPP) has branded some members of the legislature as ‘national liabilities’ to the country. Michael Tipayson told a news conference at the weekend that the National legislature was comprised of lawmakers whom he said have deliberately refused to transform, set good legacy and lift their people out of poverty.

Instead, he noted they find selfish pleasure and wasteful happiness in families’ development and self-seeking goals. Tipayson quoted Kenya’s Patrick Loch Otien Lumumba who described as “the children of darkness” desperate to maintain ill-gotten wealth, while I call them national liabilities.”

The lawmakers he considered ‘national liabilities’ are those fighting to continuously condemn the citizens of the country to nothingness and protracted hardship. He believes that the Liberian society would continue to experience “the begging population” because “some lawmakers defectively think that their own people must suffer in order to keep them happy while the country continues to be looted at all cost.”

Tipayson thinks that a legislature with passion for its citizens, free of corruption and comprise, can promote the advancement of the youth and serve the country at a high standard of the continental comparison and progressiveness.

According to him, the UPP regrets the ‘betrayal of confidence’ by those youthful Representatives in the 53rd legislature. At the same time, UPP youth wing has announced its consensus candidate in district 9 in the impending October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections in the country.

“Upon these words, the national youth wing of the opposition UPP has decided to effect the change we need at the legislature by the regular endorsement and solidarity support to credible, prepared and passionate young people who are contesting on the ticket of the UPP in the upcoming 2017 elections,” Tipayson noted. “I am pleased to announce comrade Landry Gaie, Jr. representative aspirant on the ticket of the UPP in the upcoming October 10 2017 elections as a consensus candidate of the national youth league of the UPP.”

He has, however, said his the UPP stands ready and prepared to choose love over friendship, patriotism over political patronage and impeccable characters over national liabilities.

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

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