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-Kanio Chides Rep. Gray
Former Chair for Press and Propaganda for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Kanio Gbai Gbala has described one of Montserrado County district eight lawmakers as a “financial gripper who is surviving at the detriment of the common people”.

Gripper is a carnivorous species of salt water fish that devours any fish of smaller sizes. He affirmed that Representative Acarous Moses Gray and other lawmakers of the coalition have betrayed the citizenry due to their refusal to speak against the huge salaries and benefits of lawmakers of the 53rd legislature.

Gbai Gbala made the claim Monday May 22, 2017 when he appeared as guest on a local radio in Monrovia. Atty. Gbai Gbala, who recently crossed over to Liberty Party, mentioned that Gray has allegedly claimed to be companion of the people when he is not.

He maintained that Representative Gray has made mockery of the serious issues confronting the constituency at the level of the national legislature by not taking a stand.

Atty. Gbai Gbala believes that Representative Gray and other current lawmakers in the legislature have not done well for the people they advocated for over the years.

“I’m disappointed in Rep. Acarous Gray who lives in this country, understands the suffering of where we come from as a people; and go to the legislature and make fun of the issue”.

According to him, no one representative particularly from the CDC has initiated a proposal calling for the reduction of lawmakers salaries. Atty. Gbala: “I do not want to make anything above one thousand dollars in this country because it is going to be morally criminal to do such.”

He claimed that when elected in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections, he would embark on a campaign to ensure that lawmakers` salaries are reduced.

“I won’t be disappointed when I’m suspended from the national legislature during my tenure because it is a criminal in nature,” he maintained. Meanwhile, responding to Kanio on a local radio station in Monrovia, Representative Gray said Kanio is a small boy and he cannot argue with him.

By: R. Joyclyn Wea 

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