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Vice President and standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai presidential bid has received another endorsement. Of recent, vice President Boakai presidential bid has been receiving series of endorsements from across the country, including nineteen (19) Senators and thirty one (31) Representatives with the latest being some staffers of the legislature under the banner, National Legislature Movement for the Election of Boakai (NALEMBO).


-Aggrieved Partisans Claimed
Some aggrieved members of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) claimed that the party has violated the country`s New Elections Law. They cited numerous flaws in 5.8 of the New Elections Law that seeks to guide political parties and independent candidates.


Writ Of Certiorari Finally Ruled Today
Justice in Chamber on the Supreme Court Bench at the Temple of Justice, Cllr. Philip A. Z. Banks has assigned the final ruling on the writ of certiorari for today Wednesday at 1pm.


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