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CDC Vice Running mate Speaks On Trending National Crisis

Out of the current electoral/political imbroglio comes one major determination: either the status quo on runoff election is maintained or a rerun election is an alternative. One of the two options will form the conclusion of the matter, as the Supreme Court will deem. But the consequences of either of the two can also not be underestimated, mainly when a rerun becomes the option.

Against this backdrop, the Coalition for Democratic Change has taken or reaffirmed its position, objecting to a rerun election that will eventually beget constitutional crisis, in this case, an interim government. The Party’s vice running mate rejects the idea of an interim government or rerun election. The New Republic picks up her argument in a RFI interview Monday.

Ahead of the Supreme Court of Liberia’s determination into the electoral stalemate occasioned by Liberty and Unity Parties’ challenge of the October 10 polls, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has made its position known on the trending national crisis, ruling out an interim government as well as rerun elections.

Putting into context ramifications of an interim government or rerun election as craved by some politicians as well as the ruling Unity Party, CDC’s vice standard-bearer, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor disgorged the idea of an interim government or a rerun election because of associated constrictions.

The Supreme Court, this week, will rule into the ‘Bill of Exception’ filed before it by the Liberty Party and Unity Party, with either runoff or rerun as the ultimate options, though some Liberians and other partners have hinted the difficulties for a rerun election.

While most Liberians have been speaking in favor of runoff elections, the possibility of Rerun election is also high and cannot be brushed aside. According to political observers, a rerun election would mean an interim government as the current government’s constitutional lifespan expires in mid-January 2018.

But Senator Taylor expressed opposition to the latest call for the setting up of an interim body to manage the affairs of the state after the tenure of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf expires in mid-January 2018.

“This is the third time this is happening; we will not accept an interim arrangement, and everything must be done to ensure that our constitution is respected and that we go through this process as quickly as possible, so that we will hold the second round of the elections,” Sen. Taylor told RFI correspondent Monday.

A former first lady of Liberia, Madam is a member of the Liberia National Legislature, as Senator of Bong County.

“The 2017 elections is a worst case scenario, and if we keep dragging, dragging and dragging, we could go into a constitutional crisis because if a leader is not installed into office on the second working day in January as stipulated in the constitution, then where do we go,” she wondered.

Her CDC is paired against the Unity Party for the runoff election, as the first and second place finishers of the disputed October 10 polls. With Senator George Weah as its standard-bearer, CDC obtained 38% of the total votes case followed by UP’s Joseph Boakai with 28%.

According to her, what is more disturbing is the bedeviling of the October 10 presidential and legislative election by some political parties, despite its accreditation as being free, fair and transparent by the Carter Center, African Union and Economic Community of West African States and other international observer missions who monitored and released reports.

Questioning as to where the country is headed at the moment, Senator Taylor asked, “Are we headed for a transitional government, what that means? That means the entire government must leave.”

Taylor pointed out that though there have been a few problems here and there, the million dollar question is how long it would take a caretaker government to stay in office in such a case.

“How long it takes a caretaker government stays in office; maybe about two to three years, so, I believe we are in a crisis situation,” Senator Taylor observed.

In the case of an interim or caretaker arrangement, she it would mean the entire judiciary, executive and the legislature leave in order for a caretaker government to take the country through to the election.

“It means that the entire judiciary executive and legislature will leave for a caretaker government to the take the country through to the next elections. We must conduct voter awareness campaign again and have voter registration to take place across the country,” she added.

Commenting on the possibility of a rerun, Senator Taylor maintained that in an instant to conduct a rerun, it requires time and lots of resources both human and financial.

“For a rerun, it would be more than two years because you will have to conduct voter awareness, voter registration and final voter roll, all of which takes about two years, so the CDC will not accept any rerun,” she implored.

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