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-How Fmr. NEC Chairs Gallop Against Commission

In a rather strange manner, Liberians are witnessing shed expression of inquisitiveness by two former Chairmen of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to testify to alleged fraud and irregularities as raised by the Liberty Party and supported by the Unity Party, All Liberian Party and others against the Commission.

Fmr.NEC Chairs 9x6The Commission is hearing witnesses’ testimonies in the case that stalemated the runoff between the CDC and UP. Whether they were particularly cheated or not will be explained in their testimonies.

Cllr. Francis Johnson Allison and James Fromayan managed two different elections in 2005 and 2011 that were reportedly not freed of contention and misfortunes.

Few years after their respective controversial tenures, they become cards-carrying members of the Unity Party and are galloping to fight for it. The decision by the two former chairpersons of the Commission against the current team has stoned the nation and leaves many in disbelief about the country’s merit and moral values.

They wondered why the former public officials who have been silent since parting company with Commission have decided to join the current fray that borders on cheating which some of them were accused of.

Some said their action explains deep-seated issues at the Commission which they are aware of or even applied against others during the tenures. Cllr. Allison, a daughter of Bomi County managed the 2005 elections which brought President Sirleaf, another daughter of Bomi County, to power. She controversially defeated Congress for Democratic Change George Weah in a way the parted said it was cheated.

Series of street protests by the CDC overshadowed the outcome of the elections. She was relieved of her position and replaced with James Fromayan, who was said to be another staunch ally of her. 

Later, Cllr. Allison was named as heard of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC). After her tenure, she ran for Senator in Bomi County and lost to current Senator Morris Saytumah.

For former chairman Fromayan, whose mistake in 2011 set the country on collision course at the time, is said to be trying to purge his credential. The ‘Fromayanic mistake’ continues to be referenced in many instances.

He is now poised to testify against the very NEC in the October 10, 2017 electoral fraud before its Board of Commissioners. He had earlier endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the same governing Unity Party (UP) he was alleged in the 2011 legislative and presidential elections of cheating for.

Former Chairman Fromayan signed a letter addressed to the CDC in which it acknowledged giving CDC’s result to the UP. The letter backfired and Fromayan accordingly resigned and fled the country for Ghana.

Fromayan accused Bobby Livingston, the commission’s dismissed director of communications, as a “paid agent” of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and that it wasn’t accidental when he prepared the letter for his (Fromayan’s) signature.

He said Mr. Livingston had initially presented the letter containing the transposed results to him to be read live while giving the final results of the October 11 presidential and legislative elections. But, he said, the scheme was discovered and he (Fromayan) was advised by his deputy to postpone the reading of the letter to another day.

Mr. Fromayan insisted that the letter which saw his downfall wasn’t an accidental one written by Mr. Livingston, adding “he’s a smart fellow; he knew what he was doing.”

It can be recalled that Mr. Fromayan dismissed Livingston for not following his directive to correct the error that transposed the elections results for the two parties scheduled to take part in the run-off, while the Deputy Communications Director Nathan Mulbah was suspended for six months for the same reason.

In an interview with VOA from Accra, Ghana, Mr. Fromayan acknowledged and accepted responsibility for not reading the letter before signing it. He said he had volumes of documents before him and couldn’t deny that he didn’t read the letter.

Fromayan Resigned As Chairman:
It can be recalled that the then chairman of the NEC was made to resign after accusations of bias in the presidential elections and just days before a planned presidential runoff.

Fromayan, said now that he has resigned from the commission, a pre-condition for the CDC’s participation in the run-off, the party should now reconsider its decision.

“I chose to step down for the sake of Liberia and so that (challenger Winston Tubman’s) CDC [Congress for Democratic Change] would not have an excuse not to participate in the run-off,” James Fromayan told reporters in 2011.

He said the CDC knew it was a mistake on his part because he had announced the actual results on Tuesday, October 25, declaring the Unity Party (UP) as the winner of the first round, and the party took the second place. “Now that I am out of the picture they should go and take part in the elections.”
Fromayan Testifies In Electoral Fraud Case:
James Fromayan is among 15 witnesses to testify in the ongoing case over electoral fraud at the National Elections Commission on 9th Street, Sinkor.

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