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-Jones Throws Jibes, Reminds Opponents
The standard bearer of the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones has warned political opponents to remain in their areas and stay away from the presidency.

Dr.Mills Jones NRSpeaking Monday, September 12, 2017, at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO), Dr. Jones said it would be better that those opposition candidates who are into similar business to remain.

“You heard business people talking about, well we been in business, that is our job and we know about creating jobs. That is why I will encourage those business people to remain in the private sector while we create the conducive environment for the good of that private sector so that Liberia can grow and flourish. When we are elected we will create the atmosphere to improve the private sector. Leave this president thing alone because that is not your area,” Dr. Jones cautioned politicians.

Though the former Central Bank of Liberia executive governor did not call names, he indicated that there is difference in managing the country`s fiscal budget that is plenty as compared to managing the budget of little, particularly an underdeveloped country like Liberia.

“It is different managing a budget of plenty as opposed to managing the budget of little. In an underdeveloped country, you are to manage the budget of little, a big difference than managing a budget of plenty. That budget could be five or ten billion United States dollars. In fact, the more it is, the more room you have to maneuver; the less you have to think, and the smaller that budget, is the more you have to think and set priorities, and that is what we have learned to do by working in those areas we`ve worked over the years,” Dr. Jones bragged.

The opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) standard bearer asserted that the issue of people bragging of being philanthropists does not in any way serve as qualification or prerequisite to becoming leader or president, thus, to be able to give simply what one has does not take any imagination, intelligent and leadership capacity to do.

Dr. Jones called on opposition business people who later turned politicians to continue in the private sector, noting that upon his election as President of Liberia he would work with them in order to make them multi-billionaires in Liberia and in the world at large.

The MOVEE presidential candidate stated among other things that he comes to the table with a wealth of experience, competence and transparency to the Liberian presidency and as such he is unmatched with the rest of the remaining 19 candidates.

“We got the experience, exposure, qualifications, the academic knowledge, we have sat down in all the high level financial and economic meetings, we have listened to people talked and we have taken notes, but above all, we bring to the table caring for Liberians and that is something you do not learn in books,” Dr. Jones noted.

Meanwhile, the MOVEE political leader voiced that he understands the plight of the ordinary Liberian, so, electing him as Liberia’s next President would be the best thing for the country and its people.

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