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The most significantly proven quintessence of elections is always leadership-shrouded and how such leadership functions to meet the soaring needs of voters and also change the structure of the country. Liberians, on the brink of voting a new leadership into office, are aware of this highly fundamental call; otherwise, it is useless to do so. However, it also has become the obligation of those vying for leadership to make plain their plans for the governed -in this case the people. Apparently, the Liberty Party and its standard-bearer have a very clear understanding of this “political formula” and are frantically utilizing it. This is why Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine seized the glorious moment presented him Saturday to lay bare and unlock the party’s agendas for ‘the new Liberia’ envisaged. The New Republic’s Joyclyn Wea was at the Party’s official campaign launch and reports on the plans, policies and programs as enunciated.

Brumskines Liberia 9x6The Liberty Party Saturday proved that until the final whistle is blown by the National Elections Commission (NEC) announcing the winner of the much-heralded elections, the race for the Executive Mansion remains as body-hugging as clasped string, a euphemism that none of the twenty parties can or should claim absolute control of some of the vote-rich counties, mainly Montserrado County.

Streaming partisans, well-wishers and supporters donning in the party’s colors of green and white came out in their numbers in classical show of commitment and determination to the ideals and values of the party and the persona of Standard-bearer Charles Walker Brumskine.

Though a pre-victory or official campaign launch, it somehow showed and confirmed the raw uncertainty and tightness of the race and the fact that LP is prepared and resolved to fight to the end of the process.
As planned and prognosticated, the LP launch almost saw Monrovia crawling to its knee in another near-cataclysmic abandonment or lockdown as some business owners grew edgy to open to the public due to the streaming of hundreds and thousands of partisans from all walks of life.

As early as 8:00 am Saturday, partisans donned in their official colors in readiness for the historical assemblage, the first human hemorrhage LP has ever recorded since the past two elections of 2005 and 2011.

At different locations and points of collection, our detailed reporters confirmed the presence of huge LP partisans, waiting to be picked up by assigned vehicles.

From Banjor to Hotel Africa road, to St. Paul Bridge, Duala, New Kru Town, Logan, Free port, Clara Town and Central Monrovia, momentum had already built up and partisans grown enthusiastically buoyant.
In the Gardnersville belt, our reporter indicated the same momentum as partisans streamed from different directions.

By this time, traffic had begun building up in some areas, mainly Tubman Boulevard – the end between Old and St. Joseph Catholic Hospital junction, the main epicenter of the LP human gathering.

On Johnson Street around the Gabriel Tucker Bridge, cars slowly made their way through sweltering crowd of LP partisans who swamped the entire street and tried to make their way onto provided buses, singing and dancing.

Our reporter said some of those garbed in the LP colors looked underage, thus raising eyebrows about their voting eligibility.

Liberians coming to Central Monrovia reportedly caught the hardest of time due to the presence of LP partisans in the streets.

“I caught hard time to go ELWA Junction, because Brumskine erected platform in the middle of the road,” remarked a somehow frustrated businesswoman who said she was trying to reach her daughter on Robertsfield Highway.
“They blocked the entire road making it hard for people to go through; I don’t know what the police was doing.” From Duala to Central Monrovia, partisans who because of busy schedules could not make it to the main event at the headquarters, were seen donned in their LP colors carrying on normal businesses. Some were seen in shops, behind market tables and other places of business.

Brumskine Vows
When took the stage to deliver his speech to the thunderously bridled crowd of placards-carrying and banners-waiving partisans, Cllr. Brumskine did not vacillate, neither did he mince words as he laid bare what Liberia and Liberians will be under a Liberty Party government.

Cllr. Brumskine told the crowd of LP partisans that a lot has been laid down by the Party to change the country, if given the chance to lead.

With his wife by his side as well as running-mate Harrison Karnwea and other faithful party executives, the consistent orator reiterated commitment to slashing salary of officials by 30 percent if elected as the next democratic government.

Aware that it wouldn’t be an easy political battle to cut salaries of lawmakers owing to the fact that they their own salaries as per law, the LP strongman said such plan would need the support of Liberians to get representative and senators, especially those people who support joseph Boakai agree to cut their salaries.
“When this happens, key sectors of the economy will be revamped and will afford children opportunity to go to school as well as hospitals for old people to have easy access,” Cllr. Brumskine told never-ending cheering partisans.
“We will cut the salary by 30 percent. I will cut the salary of the vice president by 30 percent, I will cut the salary of carbonate minister by 30 percent but I will need your support to get the representatives and the senators especially those people who support Joseph Boakai I need to have them agree to cut their salaries, so that our children can go to school, so our old people can have hospitals.”

With disparity in the living conditions of Liberians said to be astronomically high, Cllr. Brumskine wants attention and care for people challenged by disabilities, but noted “in order for this to happen, citizens should vote liberty and every members of the party in the pending elections.”

Apparently impressed and upbeat with the numbers he saw, Brumskine thinks a first round victory is possible, as he appealed to Liberians to give him the mandate by winning “these elections on a first round.”

Practically begging, he said: “I need a mandate from you, I need for you to tell the Liberian people that you agree we must win these elections on a first round because our vision is to change this country, and our goal is to benefit the people of Liberia.”

He vowed a government under the Liberty Party would change the country for the good of all Liberians, noting “but in order for this to happen, I will also need the mandate from the people to take the money from Monrovia to invest it in our people that live throughout this country.”

“It is time to take government money from the big shorts and invest it in the average Liberians so as to ensure free education for all our children and for old people who live in the interior of this country to have better living conditions.”

“It is time to empower Liberians, this is your country, and Liberia belongs to you. It’s time for people to begin to enjoy the benefits of our country. The people who are in power do not want us to change it, so it will be difficult that’s why I need a mandate.”

“We must win these elections and we must win it first round. You know me, you can trust me, I have been here before, I’m not jenny come lately, I have the experience, I have the education, I have the integrity vote for Brumskine and Ginwea and let us change this country for the good.”

The LP standard-bearer emphasized that those representatives who are resisting change by endorsing vice president Boakai must be kicked out by the people on grounds they want to keep the same old thing in the country.

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