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Comments coming from Grand Cape County Senator, Cllr. Varney Sherman are claiming the attention of some citizens of the county that their Senator is taking a trend somehow detrimental to the electable chances of Vice President Joseph Boakai on October 10, the day Liberians go to the poll to elect their next president.

BoakaiSherman9x6VP Boakai, Standard-bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP), is one of three to four main candidates widely tipped to win the election, but some Grand Cape Mountaineers don’t see it happening owing to Senator Sherman’s recent outbursts which they strongly believe are destroying VP Boakai’s chances.
Sherman, former Chairman of the UP is having rough relationship. Recently in Grand Cape Mount county, the home county of Senator Sherman, a number of citizens expressed dissatisfaction over the level their kinsman is running the campaign of the UP standard-bearer.
The citizens contended that such has the potential to greatly affect the chances of Boakai in winning the Grand Cape Mount and parts of the country.
According to the angry citizens, the controversial assertions from the former UP chairman about President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the outgoing leader of the party signals bad image of the party.
It was recently reported that Senator Sherman badmouthed President Sirleaf who had stood in defense of the UP for the past eleven and half years, upholding the integrity of the party by doing the right things in order to set the pace for her successor.
“Most of the problem that I am going through is caused by that lady. This is not good,” he was quoted as saying. Senator Sherman reportedly told citizens of Cape Mount on a campaign tour that he and the President have not been on good term which has put him in lots of controversies.
However, some citizens of his county and other Liberians think such assertions have the proclivity of greatly affecting the chances of VP Boakai and the UP of winning the impending elections with the presence of Senator Sherman around him.

Senator Sherman Recent assertions:

Recently, the Grand Cape Mount County Senator accused President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of trying to have him disgraced by indicting him based on a Global Witness Report involving Sable Mining.

During his recent tour in Cape Mount in which he made a donation of over one million Liberian dollars to the team, he said he was not happy with the president’s stance towards him, and that he had anticipated that both would be on good term to enhance victory for the ruling party.

He claimed that his arrest and subsequent indictment was a calculated plot by President Sirleaf to disgrace him. He alleged that President Sirleaf decided to include him into what he terms ‘the unsubstantiated GW report.’

According to him, he worked assiduously to ensure the re-election of President Sirleaf in 2011, but it was disappointing that the President was after him with ‘bogus’ allegation.

However, the astute lawyer promised to fight back those who have decided to disgrace him. “I will never forget that day, when the government sent armed officers to barricade my house in Congo Town for the unsubstantiated and bogus Global Witness report, but it took the community dwellers to prevent that from happening and I am grateful to you all,” Senator Sherman said.
Sherman said he will not relent until the truth is revealed adding “If somebody will pay for it, it will be between their God and my God.”

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