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Representative Edwin Snowe (Mont. Co) is putting up the stiffest of resistance against any machination, any plan and attempt to get at any of the justices of the Supreme Court Bench as some members of the National Legislature have worked out legal modalities for impeachment proceedings against three Associate Justices.

Edwin Snowe 9x6More than a week ago, Senators Dan Morais and Peter Coleman, Jim Tornolah of Maryland, Grand Kru and Margibi Counties along with Representatives George Mulbah and Numinee Bartekwa of Bong and Grand Kru Counties filed a petition seeking the impeachment of Associate Justices Jamesetta Wolokollie, Kabineh Ja’neh and Philip A.Z. Banks to the Plenary of the House of Representatives.
The Supreme Court’s ruling in the cases involving Liberty Party’s Vice Standard-bearer, Harrison Karnwea and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) vice standard-bearer, Jeremiah Sulunteh who had been barred by the National Elections Commission (NEC) from contesting the pending elections for violating the Code of Conduct (CoC) triggered the lawmakers’ action.
The lawmakers detested the Associate Justices’ role in the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court when Karnwea and Sulunteh were cleared to run as wished and prayed for by their Parties in different bill of petitions filed before the Supreme Court.
However, Rep. Snowe Monday appeared on ELBC phone-in Program and sharply reacted to the impeachment petition as a big political bluff. “Let me state clearly and let me encourage my colleagues to immediately desist and reconsider this idea. I think it is overreaching and it forms no basis of reliance, especially to attempt to impeach members of the Supreme Court Bench for rendering opinion in a matter that was sent to them for interpretation, it can’t happen, this is just a political bluff,” Rep. Snowe stressed.
Rep. Snowe who is representing District #6 in Montserrado County said the action by his colleagues is far from realization, saying “I respect the views of my colleagues, I think this is not just right and appropriate at this time of the country’s democracy to take such an action.”
In his interpretation, the Liberian constitution is clear on what constitutes grounds for impeachment of the any members of the Supreme Court bench, noting “none of those grounds within the constitution has to do with the interpretation of the functions and duties of the Supreme Court.” He said, “We cannot in any way intimidate and I’m sure the Supreme Court Bench cannot be and will never be intimidated by their action and I want to call on my colleagues to immediately desist.”
He is facing hiccup in his bid to run for office in Bomi County while still serves as Representative of a District in Montserrado. Though his name still reflects on the final listing of accredited and qualified candidates released by the Commission, he was rejected by a hearing office of the NEC based on ‘Domicile’ complaint filed against him, and has since taken appeal to the Board of Commissioners of the electoral body.

A husband of one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, Snowe defended members of the Supreme Court Bench as people with integrity, and specifically mentioned the concerned members of the Court as people who have earned themselves some great deal of respects over the years. He urged lawmakers to respect the separation of power as enshrined in the Constitution of the country, noting that lawmakers cannot be impeached for enacting what he thinks the public would consider as bad laws.
As one of Liberia’s Representatives to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) parliament, Rep. Snowe disclosed that he has been contacted by the ECOWAS parliament to make a report to the parliament on the matter.
According to him, ECOWAS has expressed serious disappointment over the matter and wants it be brought under control as soon as possible. “Once there are any early warning signs of anything that has to do with war, ramous of war or political instability, anything of such in individual members’ countries, ECOWAS is concerned and it steps in immediately,” Representative Snowe noted.
The ECOWAS parliamentarian revealed that ECOWAS has raised serious concern over the matter and as such they as members here in the country are planning to meet in order to bring the matter under control.

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