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-Says He’s Not A Presidential Material
The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Monday began its campaign in grand style with its Standard-bearer Senator George Weah, accompanied by other party stalwarts, making enlivening rounds across Monrovia in an effort to gauge the mood of CDCians and the electorate.

Weah on Boakai 9x6The mood was festive and electrifying amongst blue T-shirts garbed CDCians at the corner of Benson and Gurley Streets where he made a stop and delivered a thundering statement in which he badmouthed Vice President Joseph Boakai of the Unity Party, saying that he is not a presidential material.
Weah’s statement of the UP strongman has somehow ignited the long-running political rivalry between the CDC and UP.

Many predate that the contest will be between the two parties that have made it to second run in the 2005 and 2011 elections. Sen. Weah addressing jubilant CDCians at the crowded gathering which also caused traffic, described the UP’s standard-bearer as lacking the wherewithal to make a good president for Liberia.
Weah alleged that the VP Boakai and his boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, have caused damage to the people of Liberia, a damage he said the CDC is positioned to repair if elected.
“The UP political leader is a weak politician because he has been serving as Vice President for 12 consecutive years with no independent decisions, but allowed himself to be controlled by outsiders,” Weah contends.
“Boakai is not a presidential material. He is weak- minded and as such, there is no way he (Boakai) can rule the people of Liberia. For twelve years; they have done nothing, but misused the resources of our country and damaged the entire country. The CDC is the best alternative,” he said to a thundering applause from dozens of CDCians.
The former soccer legend who alleged that the Unity Party has failed the Liberian and it has brought untold sufferings and disasters upon the people, assured the Liberian people that the time has come for leaders who he said have Liberia at heart to take over the country for a better change and not leaders who will consider the country an elephant meat.
“This is our time and we will not allow anybody to take it away from us as they did in 2011.We have come to rescue the people of Liberia from the suffering the UP government has caused them. We have also come to repair the damages created by the UP government and bring the change Liberians want. Only the CDC can make the difference, so shine your eyes come October 10; vote CDC and have a better Liberia,” he rallies. The CDC standard-bearer admonished his partisans to remain peaceful and stay out of violence during the campaign period.
At the same time, the CDC’s political leader has described as erroneous, allegation that Cdcians stoned Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai during his recent visit in the slum community of Clara Town, Bushrod Island, saying the allegation is only meant to damage the characters of his partisans. He claimed that Cdcians are peace loving Liberians and as such, they wouldn’t be involved in such act.
Weah called on his supporters not to listen to VP Boakai at any occasion, but stay focused and achieve their goals come October 10. “Don’t listen to Boakai, he is an enemy of progress, he thinks the people of Liberia will make mistake again by electing UP after all the pains they have caused for citizens of Liberia. They are just fooling themselves, we will not only beat them, but we will flog them comes October 10 polls,” he stated.
The standard bearer assured Liberians of a better life if they elect him as the next president of Liberia comes October 10 presidential and legislative elections.
“Don’t allow anybody to borrow you or carry you away by little or nothing. Don’t sell your votes, it is your future vote, vote CDC for a better tomorrow because we are the best among the rest,” Weah indicated.

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