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After months of pensively searching through the files of personalities presented to him or desired, Vice President and Unity Party Standard-bearer, Amb. Joseph Boakai, landed at the feet of 48-yr-old Emmanuel Nuquay of Margibi County and also Speaker of the House of Representatives as his running mate, tacitly proving doomsters wrong and crowning the beliefs of many others.

Boakai and NuquayTaking so long almost on the last day of NEC’s deadline for the submission of credentials by aspirants and names of running mates by presidential aspirants struck a chord for most Liberians, and as reportedly gathered, VP Boakai was facing the toughest of tension or was resisting a particular force from within not to left Nuquay out at all cost.

“You know, the Vice President was not too encouraged to go with Speaker Nuquay as running mate, but he came under immense pressure so he had no choice and this is one of the reasons the process took a protracted period,” this paper was told by an insider who chose to remain anonymous a day after VP Boakai bust the political egg which is causing deep pong in some circles.

From a rich list of other qualified and preserved personalities who also represent the ‘geographic balance’ talked about, it is alleged VP Boakai did not have the slightest of considering for his named running mate but could not turn down or disrespect former Standard-bearer of the Unity Party who reportedly pressed him to go the way of Nuquay.

A top member of the UP who confided in this paper said the selection of Nuquay was not at the will of vice president Joseph Boakai but rather put under pressure by some influential members of the party including the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The source said due to the seriousness of the case, some top executives of the UP held meeting with the president late Tuesday at which time Nuquay resigned from the People’s Unification Party (PUP) and joined the UP officially.

The veracity or fallaciousness of the report from sources close to the Executive Mansion and the UP could not be independently verified, but divergent views expressed in many cycles against the decision since the announcement was made Monday speaks volume.

Preferring Nuquay as running mate months after his defection from the UP on grounds of “failing the Liberian people” is an issue the VP held against him, but had to succumb to alleged threats that he would not get the needed support if he did not the Speaker.

Like the biblical prodigal son that returned his father after years of wastages, his preferment as running mate to the UP standard-bearer means that he has abandoned his association with the People’s Unification Party (PUP) he helped to form and rejoined his former party.

According to the source, Nuquay who had to wrestle with rejoining the UP for some times, a prerequisite for becoming running mate, signed the party membership form reportedly at the home of President Sirleaf in the presence of party hierarchies, although party Secretary General Lenn Eugene Nagbe rubbished such reports.

But when this paper contacted an official (who declined to be name) from the speaker’s office said, “I am not aware that the speaker resigned from PUP and joined UP. I cannot say anything about that.”

He also denied allegation of a recommendation from President Sirleaf for Speaker Nuquay to be the running mate to VP Boakai. “The party has a constitution. Everything that is done, goes in line with the constitution and consultations. The decision was based on wild range of consultations from members of the party, from all districts. A consensus reached within the party for the selection of Nuquay. Tell your source it is lie. There is no truth in it,” he said.

Then one of the shining stars of the UP, Nuquay has reportedly been a longtime admirer of the President who according to Nuquay himself approached to become Speaker when then Speaker Edwin Snowe but said he had no interest.

However, with the elevation of another UP stalwart in person of Alex Tyler as Speaker replacing departed Speaker Snowe, he became head of the ways, means and finance committee of the House of Representatives, making him one of Tyler’s trusted disciple.

With his selection as running mate, Speaker Nuquay now ceases to run as legislative aspirant for District #5, Margibi County, thus creating free passage for one of the few persons who saw him as mountain their way to election.

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