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The chilling effects of Code of Conduct and rampant corruption in government are spilling over and telling on officials of government evidenced by the expression coming from Vice President Joseph Boakai that he would have acted against officials of government, if he were President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

VP BOAKAI 900X600Liberian Vice President Joseph Boakai presently in the United States is demonstrating his worth and determination why he wants to succeed his boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and what would he would have done if he were in the positon of president.

Somehow disappointed with lots of happenings including the way the Code of Conduct is being dealt with, Veep Boakai tacitly distanced himself from Madam Sirleaf by saying “I would have fired half of the cabinet if I were President Sirleaf.”

While corruption has become a way of life for officials of government, the controversial Code of Conduct which regulates officials of government and their conducts and even subjects them to resigning their post two years in advance for elected office is a hobbyhorse of the government of which is the second in command.

Veep Boakai who addressed a town hall meeting of Liberians in Philadelphia, USA Monday is quoted by the New Dispensation, an online magazine, that “if he were President Sirleaf, he would had fired half of the cabinet for corruption and disregard for the rule of law for failing to resign their posts consistent with the “Code of Conduct” but are still serving in the government while they remain officials in their respective political parties.

Prior to his departure from the country or to this assertion, he distanced himself from making public comments on the Code of Conduct which is seen as booby trap for some opposition politicians who do not agree with the way the country is being managed.

Former Central Bank governor and political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment, Mills Jones, is crying foul as there are reports that he might not contest the elections in October.

His response was said to be in response to a question from a member of the audience who wanted to about cabinet Ministers who are in clear violation of the “Code Of Conduct.”

The inquirer reportedly made reference to Information Minister Eugene Nagbe who in open violation of the Code of Conduct is also serving as Secretary of the ruling Unity Party using public resources to foster the political agenda of the Unity Party during this election period in blatant disregard to the rule of law as well the corrupt practices in Liberia.

Many see Veep Boakai as not having the cat-o'-nine-tails to lead Liberia evidenced by an assertion from the former President of the Press Union of Liberia, Abraham Massaley that he (Boakai) is a weak Vice President who is not different from President Sirleaf” and who is not standing up against the vices of the Sirleaf administration.

But responding to Massaley’s assertion, the Vice President said “if you want to see strong Vice President, go to Sierra Leone and Southern Sudan”. The Liberian Vice President was making the analogy to the two African countries where their respective Vice Presidents have stood up against their Presidents and eventually, it led to confusion- n led to the current war in Sudan and for Sierra Leone the Vice President had to flee the country.

The town hall meeting was organized by a political action committee group called “Patriots of Liberia’ organized to promote the vice president’s candidacy for the October election took place at the Victory Harvest Church.

According to him, it is difficult to justify why after 170 years, Liberia is where it is today, saying “all the development Liberians are insisting the government should undertake today in their criticism of the government should had been done 90 years ago.”

More besides, the presidential aspirant told the audience that the sheered disregard for the rule of law is the crust of Liberia’s problem. On why he is yet to select his Vice standard bearer, Veep Boakai told the unsuspecting audience that he was not in a rush, an implication that if he had rushed, he might had made a mistake to find out later his running mate could had been ineligible by the “Code of Conduct.”

According to him, in due course, he will name his running mate. He said his selection as running mate to President Sirleaf was a deliberate process that went through a rigorous institutional rudimentary of the Unity Party and that it did not just happen out of the ordinary.

Reading through Veep Boakai’s comments on the dismissing her cabinet officials involved in corruption and refusal to abide by the code of conduct, political commentators think “the Vice President is trying to distance himself from the failures of the Sirleaf government to avoid her failures from been a liability on his campaign as he fights his own battle to become President in the October election”.

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