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-NEC, Larry Younquoi, Others To Appear

The Supreme Court of Liberia is expected Tuesday to hear another matter arising from the October 10, 2017 presidential and legislative elections involving Saye Mianah,  representative candidate of district #8 Nimba County and Representative Larry Younquoi (2nd respondent).

The appeal was brought before the high court by Saye Mianah following the final ruling by the Board of Commissioners of NEC into his complaints of fraud and irregularities during the conduct of the October 10, 2017 polls.

Both Larry Younquoi and Saye Mianah were representative candidates in district #8 Nimba County during the October 10, 2017 Presidential and Representative elections.

In his (Mianah’s) 18-count bill of exceptions filed before the Supreme Court, he protested the Board’s ruling on grounds that it has made reversible errors.

Mianah alleged the NEC Board of Commissioners had made reversible error because the board concluded contrary to the records that the electoral magistrate fully participated in the re-count exercise where in fact the assistant electoral magistrate, under oath, told the investigation that he was made a mere “reader.”

He said the board made reversible errors on grounds that it failed to take into account the NEC Board’s 2005 resolution.

The hearing officer previously ruled in favor of Saye Mianah, a decision which was revised by the NEC Board of commissioners.

Consequently, Mianah protested in his bill of exception that the NEC Board also made reversible error when it held that the hearing officer was in error when he interpreted chapter 2, section 2.9 (h) of the new elections law.

It states “that the NEC shall make no guidelines that are inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution and the elections law”.

“That emphasis by the hearing officer was in no way the usurpation of the constitutional authority of the Supreme Court as final arbitral of constitutional matters,” he argued.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is expected to today hear arguments into said matter so as to come up with final determination whether or not to revise the NEC board ruling or to as well uphold the judgment rendered into the case by the hearing officer.

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