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S/Court Fast Track Case
-In US$87,000.00 UBA Damages Suit
The Legal Consultant of Mamawa and Sons, Inc., a Liberian-owned entity, Mr. J.D. Hodo Merriam, is appealing to the Supreme Court of Liberia to fast track the institution’s “Action of Damages for Wrong” lawsuit filed against the management of United Bank of Africa (UBA) in the tone of US$87,000.00.

Not only that, the Mamawa and Sons, Inc. Legal Consultant, Mr. Merriam, said the UBA without any iota of truth, indicted the Company of being amongst Four (4) of its employees who had connived with some business establishments and stolen a huge amount of money from the Bank.

Merriam, a onetime Senator of Maryland County, voiced that said indictment of Mamawa and Sons, Inc. by the management of the UBA has stalled the company’s construction of scores of housing units in the Fifteen (15) Counties of Liberia.
Besides the lawsuit of US$87,000.00 against UBA by Mamawa and Sons, Inc., filed by its Legal Counsel, through the Henries Law Firm, Mr. Merriam put the loss of business and specific damages the company has suffered as a result of the indictment, in the amount of US$16,324,467.25 with general damages of 10 percent of the amount.
The lawsuit against UBA management as filed by the Henries Law Firm at the Civil Law Court, Temple of Justice, the Mamawa and Sons, Inc. was being represented by its President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Konneh Samukai.
He said, the delay of the Supreme Court to rule in Mamawa and Sons, Inc. “Action of Damages for Wrong” lawsuit filed against UBA management, continues to put a dark cloud over the company housing project in Liberia as its Foreign Partners or Investors are requesting a clearance and payment of damages to the company through the high court so as to infuse oversea funding for the construction of the project of the housing units in Liberia.
Mr. Merriam confided that during one of the hearings of the alleged indictment of Mamawa and Sons, Inc. in the so-called UBA theft case involving Four (4) of the Bank’s employees, the lawyer of the Bank (name withheld) openly told the Civil Law Court Presiding Judge that he had been remote-controlled by the Bank authority to falsely press charges against the company in order for it to lose oversea funding for the pending housing project which, according to him, has already been approved by the National Housing Authority (NHA) in Monrovia.
With said alleged open confession by the UBA Lawyer at the Civil Law Court, Mr. Merriam is recommending to the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) to revoke the License of said Lawyer or have him suspended from legal practice so as to serve as a deterrent to other lawyers who might want to impede justice in Liberia.
The Mamawa and Sons, Inc. legal consultant, Mr. Merriam, voiced that it is predicated upon the openly confession of the UBA Lawyer sometimes ago at the Civil Law Court that, he had been told by the Bank to implicate the company in the alleged theft case that he, on behalf of the company is praying the full bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia to fast track the “Action of Damages for Wrong” suit against the Bank and issuance of Clearance and payment of damages to the company so as to jump-start the pending housing project in the Fifteen (15) Counties.

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