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-Amb. Lewis Browne Urges Liberians

Amidst the rumors of instability following the political tension in the country, Liberia’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Lewis G. Browne is urging Liberians not to fear each other, but hold together.

In a statement Thursday, the Liberian envoy reminded Liberians that they have come a long way from fearing each other reflecting on how they have united to one common front in organizing, inspiring and lifting themselves and communities.

“Liberians no longer need to fear. We need to hope. Our country has come too far to be reversed by anyone, or any party. Although our institutions are still being reformed, we are too far along the paths of these reforms to be returned. Today, the Liberian air is too refreshed by the fragrance of freedom to be returned to the staleness of fear,” he said.

Speaking on the judicial system of the country, Ambassador Browne said it has been a long and difficult journey from a place where the courts came to be underwhelmed by public confidence and political interferences to one to which the public now looks anxiously to independently and courageously say what the law is, as well as what is just and right.

He however averred that they are not in a perfect place, but said there can be no doubt that today, “we are in a better place.”

“All Liberians made our progress possible, and are deserving of commendations. So, too, must we remain forever grateful for the continued support of the international community. Liberia has steadily, but firmly laid the unshakable foundations for democratic governance in our country which will not, any time soon, be easily uprooted,” he added.

The former Information Minister further commended the parties and the court for doing not just what he says was easy, but what was right, saying “Together you testified to how far we have come, and especially, how matured we have become,” he indicated.

He reflected that those things that were not possible in the country years ago, is possible today.

“The rule of law to which citizens were grievously denied is increasingly available to all. Our reforming institutions are becoming stronger, more competent, and truly deserving of the growing public trust and confidence on display. Surely, we should disagree on many things. But on this we ought to now agree - that we may not be where some may have liked us to be. But certainly, Liberia is not where it used to be,” Browne indicated.

He urged that those national leaders should be wise to understand that Liberians will be ready to peaceably resist attempts to reverse the gains that have been made together.

“We know we now enjoy the right to do so not with bullets but with ballots. I therefore ask all who seek to lead our people to abandon the path of fear and sow seeds of hope - seeds of togetherness, of shared responsibility and prosperity, and of equality in opportunity. After all, regardless of contemporary or historical differences, we own this country together,” he reminded.

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