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-As Supreme Court Slaps Him With Legal Blunder

As the October 2017 Elections gears up, some representative’s candidates have falling short of the wrath of the Supreme Court, and the latest of them is the Liberty Party representatives aspirant from District #9 Nimba County, Michael P. Slawon who was slap with legal blunder rendering him incapable to contest in the pending October Elections.

Michael.P.Slawon300x200Michael P. Slawon is the Director General for the Commission on Higher Education. The Supreme Court on Wednesday September 12, 2017 handed down an opinion in the case G. Dahn Sherman of District #9 in Nimba County and Dr. Michael P. Slawon on the ticket of the Liberty Party.
The case emanates on an appeal from the National Elections Commission on a motion to dismiss an appeal, on the nomination of Code of Conduct Violation.
Dahn filed the case at NEC alleging that Slawon is a presidential appointee and should be bar from participating in the pending elections, and allegation he denied up to present.
The Supreme Court could not go into the allegation of the Code of Conduct because there were missteps taken by lawyers representing the interest of Dr. Slawon which led to the case not reaching its full appeal to be heard on the subject matter (COC).
Cllr. Joseph P. Gibson of the Wright and Associates law firm appeared for Mr. Dahn Sherman while Counselor James G. Innis Jr., Albert S. Sims and D. Onesimus Banwon appeared for the Dr. Slawon.
In the Supreme Court Judgment, the court noted that “the excuse provided by the counsels regarding the congress for Democratic Change (CDC) official campaign launched on August 19,2017 as the reason for his counsel’s failure to timely file his bill of exceptions , is illegally untenable and inexcusable; hence, unacceptable”, the court noted.
The Supreme Court further noted that the motion to dismiss the appeal is granted and the appeal taken from the final ruling of NEC by Dr. Slawon is order dismissed.
“The Court is hereby ordered to send a mandate to NEC to resume jurisdiction over this case and give effect to this judgment”, the court Judgment noted.
Recently, the lawyer for Mr. Sherman cited Section 51.7 of the Civil Procedure Law of Liberia revised which speaks squarely out that, bill of exception is a specification of the Exceptions made to the judgment, decisions order, ruling, or other matters accepted of the basis of the exceptions. The Appellant’s Bill of Exceptions signed by him to the trial judge within ten (10) days after the rendition of the judgment. The judge shall sign the bill of Exception noting thereon such reservations as he may wish to make. The signed Bill of exceptions shall be filed with the clerk of the trial court”, the law added.
Cllr. Joseph pointed out that, appellant/respondent submitted his bill of exceptions to the board of commissioners for its approval and by that approval it lost jurisdiction over the subject matter.
The legal counsel for Mr. Sharman indicated that, NEC board of commissioners err by approving the bill of exceptions because it lacks jurisdiction over the matter when it entertained argument in the motions to dismiss the appeal, citing Supreme Court case “Dasiah Massaquoi Esther M. Massaquoi 38LLR (page 3 SYL 5) that where a judge acts without jurisdiction, his judgment is a nullity and cannot be enforced”.
The S/Court also noted that, it lacks jurisdiction to hear the appeal because the counsels for Mr. Slawon failed to complete this appeal within the 48hrs period prescribed by NEC.
However, many are of the belief that the Cllr. Cooper Kruah who is running on the ticket of Prince Y. Johnson is set to obtain more votes because the two men (Mr. Slawon and Cllr. Kruah) are from the same district in Nimba County since one of the sons of that same region has fallen, the support will be given to Cllr. Kruah.

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