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-As three alleged suspects sent to jail
The Judge of the Monrovia Magisterial Court at the Temple of Justice, Kennedy Peabody on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, sent three suspects, Oldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay at the Monrovia Central Prison on Center Street, for allegedly publishing troubling revelations on social media that their services were hired by George Kailando, a Liberian businessman and Unity Party Campaign Manager for Montserrado County, Saye Mai Cole to disrupt and cause pandemonium during the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) campaign rally on August 19, 2017, where some Russian hit men will assassinate the Political Leader of the CDC, George Manneh Weah.

3 alleged suspects300x200Suspects Oldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay were charged with the crimes Criminal Benevolence,False Alarm, Misleading Law Enforcement Officials andDisorderlyConduct.

According to the police Charge on August 23, 2017,a press conference was held at the Headquarters of the CDC located at Congo Town,by some individuals believed to be members of the CDC and said conference was held and published live on social media by suspects Oldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay.

The police charge sheet disclosed that, according to the three suspects, their services were hired by Mr. Kailando and Saye Mai Cole to disrupt and cause problem during the launch of CDC campaign which was on August 19, 2017, were some Russian hit men was going to assassinate Senator Weah.

SuspectsOldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay also told police investigation that, during the said press conference they expressed that Mr. Kailando told them that, they should not be afraid of anything because there are bigger hands like Vice president, Joseph Boakai and Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai are behind the assassination plot and will protect them.

However, the police charge sheet further stated that in the wake of the revelations via social media by the suspects, the Administration of the Liberia National Police (LNP) at the time immediately place in a phone call to the leadership of the CDC requesting the presence of the three suspects to report to the police in order to assist with the investigation, but the request was not timely adhere to which prompted the police to begin searching for the alleged suspects.

Meanwhile, police investigative findings stated that suspects Oldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay have never-ever at any time made contact or have had any conversations with VP Boakai and Minister Samukai and the statement of the alleged suspects in the media are false and misleadingand only intended to disturb the peace and security of Liberia.

The Police investigative finding also revealed that suspects Oldpa Weh, George Barry alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay have been recorded in time past as high core criminals as per their records in the possession of the LNP and that they cannot be trusted and their statements that, there was a plot by Mr. Kailando and Mr. Cole of the Unity party to assassinate Sen. Weah were diabolically concocted but they rather had criminal intend to steal from the Unity Party by deception under the pretend of mobilizing.

During police preliminary investigation conducted with suspect Oldpa Weh, he told police investigation that Mr. Kailondo only told them to mobilize and encourage their friends to wear Unity party T-shirts to attend the jamboree at the UP Headquarters and that they should make the program active and simulative which according to him, he did not hear Mr. Kailondo telling anybody in the meeting about the assassination of Sen. Weah.

Moreover, the police investigation further revealed that records available in the possession of the investigation from the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) revealed that three Russian Nationals entered Liberia between January to August 30, 2017, which is, YuryDoubograi, Eygeny Tushin and Olga Sitnikova.

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