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The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has recognized the many contribution of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to the security sector in sustenance of peace and stability in Liberia over the last 11 years.

ECOWAS has played major roles in countries within the region in resolving conflicts including Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia amongst others.
A lot has been achieved over the years, in improving the Liberian defense sector reform program and other countries outside the ECOWAS region.
Speaking at program marking the 37th Ordinary Meeting of the ECOWAS Committee of Chiefs of Defense Staff in Monrovia, the chief of defense staff of the Republic of Liberia expressed gratitude to the ECOWAS Commission for continuous engagement in the country, thereby ensuring peace and stability in the country.
According to Major General Daniel Ziankahn, regional nations must learn from the experience of ECOWAS` involvement in resolving crises to enable them prevent these crises that cause harm to peace and stability in Liberia.
He believed that ECOWAS had made sacrificed since the early 1990s following the subsequent years that finally brought Liberia to the level of peace over the last eleven years.
“We owed you gratitude for the sacrifices all of you have made in bringing the country this far and we want to join you in ensuring that our region remains peaceful and civil.
Major General Ziankahn emphasized that through the support of ECOWAS, they have had two of the finest generals from Liberia that are currently serving on the leadership of the AFL.
“Through the mentorship and support of Ghana, Sierra Leone, Benin and other countries in the regions today, Liberia has a chief of defense guard that is now steering the state of our Armed Forces.”
As a result of ECOWAS engagement and support to the country, the Armed Forces of Liberia has grown in its reform process, and ECOWAS has played major role in that process.
He narrated that the gathering is not only the first of its kind, but it is historic, on grounds that it is the first of its kind that the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia to serve as chair of ECOWAS; secondly it also shows the valediction of a trust and progress that Liberia has made over the past eleven years in maintaining and sustaining peace.
The chief of defense staff, however, applauded ECOWAS for selecting Liberia from among many ECOWAS countries to host f the 37th ECOWAS Ordinary Meeting.
“You have come to Liberia at a time that in the next 34 days our country will be heading to presidential and general elections.”
Denial Ziankahn added, “Our gathering here today comes at a time when we will be experiencing a peaceful transfer of power from one government to another first of its kind since 1944. Other countries like China, Sweden and American have supported the initiative of ECOWAS by investing resources in the Armed Forces of Liberia to serve.”
Also in a remark, the ECOWAS Commission on Peace and Security said in their quest for peace in the African regions over the past one year it has one way or the other called upon nationally or internationally for the sustenance of peace in the sub-regions.
Recounting on the past, Halima Ahmed stated that it is another challenge that have put back collective effort and vision to ensure peace and stability in the sub-region, particularly with the reality of the challenges posed with political activities in some of the member states. Despite these challenges, Ahmed said ECOWAS will remain committed in finding solutions to these challenges in the ECOWAS region.
The ECOWAS Commission expressed lauded the government and people of Liberia for hosting the meeting and for the excellent facility provided to ensure the successful conduct of the session.
She also affirmed that the ECOWAS chief of defense staff under the administration of Major General Denial Ziankahn had play a major role in the ECOWAS Commission especially towards effort of peace and implementing the mandate of ECOWAS.

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